Bold Predictions

Game Traveler and Sweet T went against Union Hill but Walter and I went with UH. Way to go Walter. A few surprises out there and one I haven’t seen mentioned was #107 Highland not having a real struggle with #11 Loraine. Will be waiting on Walter to make his picks next week.
Ole Game Traveler beared his soul on that prediction. More contemplation needed. Good thing he has the rest of the season to do better.
How about #111 Iredell going the distance with #6 May. I think that if conditioning wasn’t an issue, Iredell would have came away with the win. I wonder if May will go down in the rankings and Iredell will move up. The final score does not reflect how the game played out at all. Does Iredell have a solid squad this year or did May go in there thinking they were going to win it at halftime?
I think once again rankings are just for conversation. These two teams didn’t know they would even be playing each other until just a few hours before kick off add to that it was first game of the year. Both teams had to figure out the others strength and weaknesses on the fly. First game jitters and mistakes on top of all the other stuff already mentioned and it’s easy to see how this game turned out. Play this game again any week of this season and May 45’s them easily.