Rankings & Spreads Updated

  • Mike
Sorry for the delay, but the rankings have been updated once again!

The spreads for the next round of playoffs have also been updated.

Playoff Brackets

Now that the playoffs are underway, I wanted to get the brackets posted up here so we can all keep track. I'll do my best to keep these updated as scores roll in.

Week 13 Scores

  • Mike
Thanksgiving week playoff time!

To see the varsity final scores, as we have them, see the main scores page.

To see, or submit, live updates, check out the live scoreboard.

To see, or post, varsity finals, see the score central thread in the message board.

Week 13 Schedules

Just a reminder that the scheduler has been set up to accept week 13 (round 2 playoffs) games. We've already got several added, but are still waiting/looking for the others.

You can also post confirmed playoff game info in this thread.

UIL State Championship Tickets

Tickets for the UIL Six-Man State Championships are available for purchase. Both games will be played on the same day, and buying a ticket from the following link will get you admittance to both games (plus the 2A DI game).

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Six-Man Division I - 11:00am
Six-Man Division II - 2:00pm

To purchase tickets for both games, please go to the following link: Click Here

Six-Man Division I - 11:00am

UIL Week 12 Schedule

All of the UIL week 12 (first round playoff) games have been added to the schedule and the spreads have been updated.

Please message me for changes or corrections.