Editing Team Info

To make it easier for members to submit changes to the team pages I've now added an "Edit" link to the bottom of all team overview pages. Clicking that link will bring up a form that any member can fill out with information about each school.

Please note that changes will not be immediate as they will need further approval before they're made public.

A Few Changes

Ok, so I've been super busy lately working on re-writing some of the code for the site, re-working the databases, and planning out things to come. Today I do have a bit to share with y'all.

The first thing is I've made a change to the team listing page. You can now use filters, to filter out teams by status (active or inactive) and division. This isn't a ground-breaking improvement, but I thought it was a fun walk down memory lane being able to list only the inactive teams.

Another thing I'm doing during all of this is I'm completely changing the way the team overview pages are built. I had something in mind before and that has drastically changed recently because some of the data was turning out to be way too time consuming to track down right now.

So part of the rebuilding of these pages is to just use the data that I already have, and bring it into those team pages. So now team overview pages will automatically list all of each team's state championship appearances, along with the score of those games. It's worth noting that no private school state championship games were designated anywhere on the site so I'll have to do my best to go back and fix all of those games. If you know of any private school teams that have won a state championship, please let me know and I'll get those games designated.

Also new on these overview pages is one of the most requested features, which is a "biggest rivals" section. Now every team's overview page will display the top 6 teams that each team has played against the most, along with their record against that team. Clicking on the rival's team name will take you to their overview page. Clicking on the record will take you to a listing of all those team's games against each other.

Speaking of listing of games, there is also a new games listing page in the works, which is where those rivalry games are listed. Now, it doesn't work 100% just yet, but you'll notice that there is a filter option on that page. The listing page will show no results unless you enter a team in the filter. Doing so will show you a list of every game that team has played. You can also enter an opponent into the filter and it will show you all the games that those two teams have played against each other.

Don't worry, I'm not done here. I plan to add several more filter options to the games page to make it easy for anyone to find pretty much any game, or list of games, that they're looking for. The only reason this page is even accessible at all right now is because of the rivalry game listing so I figured since it was there, I'd give it a mention.

A Quick Update...

Just wanted to post a quick update since I haven't posted one in a while. Rest assured, I'm still hammering away on the updates I have planned for this off-season, which were mentioned in my future updates thread.

That said, I also decided this off-season to do a very much needed complete re-write on the entire site backend and database. This means a LOT more time spent coding, but also a lot of time saved on future updates.

So, it'll be relatively quiet around here, as far as updates and announcements go, at least for a while, but hopefully there will be a lot more features and updates to show off once it's time to kick off the next football season.

Site Updated

Tonight I updated the site again and there are a few changes included I'd like to mention specificially.

First off, I've added an option to list the team's head coach on the team pages. For teams where that info is missing, you'll see that in the missing data block. If you have the name of the current head coach, please get that to me so that I can get that info updated for every team.

Second, I've installed the update related to team overview pages that was discussed last week. I still need help gathering information to put on all these pages. Tomorrow I'll start filling out the information that I have but I only received info on a handful of teams so there's still a LOT that we won't have.

If anyone notices any issues with this update, please let me know so that I can get them fixed ASAP!

TAPPS and UIL Alignments Entered

Just a quick update to let everyone know that the TAPPS and UIL alignments for the 2024 season have been updated here on the site.

So, all district games should be correctly marked. If they're not, please let me know so I can try to get those corrected.

The TAIAO alignments will be released in September so those district/non-district updates could be all out of whack until then. Please note that it's not important that the TAIAO games show a correct district/non-district value until after the alignment. Once I update the alignment on this site those values will automatically update at that time.

I also wanted to say a quick thank you to those of you who have already added your schedules to the site and to those of you who plan to add them as soon as they're ready.

Scheduler Ready for 2024 Schedules!

Ok, so a little earlier than I anticipated, we are now ready to accept schedules for the 2024 football season! Coaches, you should have an "Add games" link under the "Coaches" tab in the navigation to take you directly to your team's scheduler. If you're a coach and you don't see the "Coaches" navigation tab, please contact me so I can associate your account with your team.

If you're not a coach and want to submit a schedule for a team, simply go to that team's schedule and click the "Add games" button.

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