2023 Playoff Brackets

The 2023 Playoff Brackets are ready to go with all the info I have available. As always, if you notice anything wrong, or have game data that's missing, please let me know and I'll get it fixed ASAP.

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Let's Get Ready For Playoffs!

Just wanted to post a quick update. The scheduler has been changed to accept week 12 games so as soon as we start getting that info we can start adding games.

Just as an FYI, anyone is able to add games into the schedules. Simply go to a team's schedule and, at the top, click "Add games". That said, if you're not listed as the team's coach, there will be a short delay after you add a game for it to be approved. I will be trying my best to get those approved, though, as quickly as possible.

Also, I've started to prepare the playoff brackets for this season and will populate that data starting this week as games finish up and district standings are finalized.

Week 11 Ready!

Here we are! First week of the playoffs for some...last week of district for some. Everything should be updated and ready to go!

Week 10 Rankings
Week 11 Spreads
Week 11 Games of the Week
Week 11 Fan Polls

Rankings, Schedules, Spreads, and Fan Polls

The week 9 rankings are out! Also, the schedules and spreads for week 10 are ready to go. The fan polls are also ready to go for week 10. Finally, the games of the week have been updated.

Coaches, as always, please get those nominations for Player of The Week in by Monday night at midnight. As an FYI on this, we're still waiting on the graphic to be finished for last week's winner.

Rankings Re-Processed

Just because of a few late scores coming in I've re-processed the rankings for this week. There were no changes made to the top 10 teams in each division, or the games of the week.

I just wanted to give this heads-up in case someone did notice a little difference from yesterday, or even earlier today.

Rankings and Stuff!

The week 8 rankings, week 9 schedules, and week 9 spreads are ready to go!

Also, the week 9 games of the week are updated.

The week 9 fan polls will be live tonight (Sunday) starting at midnight.

Coaches, as always, please don't forget the nominations for Player of The Week close tomorrow (Monday) night at midnight.