Rankings (finally) / spreads updated

Sorry for the delay, folks, but the week 3 rankings are finally out! Also, the spreads have been updated again to reflect the new ratings.

Thank you all for your patience! Let's hope there are no more delays this season!

Schedules / spreads updated

The schedules and spreads have been updated to reflect the current week. Please bear with me on the rankings. I'll have them out as soon as possible!

Rankings/spreads delayed

Just wanted to give you all a heads up that the rankings/spreads for this week are delayed slightly because I was dealing with family matters all weekend and haven't even had time to finish inputting the scores from last week yet. Hope you all will understand and I'll get things back on track as quickly as possible.

New coaches tab

There is now a new coaches tab in the main navigation menu to help coaches more quickly find certain team pages. For more information, view this topic.

TAIAO alignments

Tonight I was able to get the new TAIAO alignments sorted in the database. You can see all those on the divisions page or follow the links below to see individual divisions.

TAIAO Division I
TAIAO Division II
TAIAO Division III

Their divisional rankings have also been updated on the rankings page.

Rankings / spreads updated

The week 2 rankings, along with the week 3 spreads have been updated.