More Minor Updates

Earlier this week I made a few updates that I forgot to mention, so I'll mention those now.

First, there was an error on the team's overview pages where the current week's game would not show up as the "next game" or "previous game" in certain cases. I've got that fixed, and also made it so that if we have live score information for the game, the latest live score we have available will show up there too.

Also, I've brought back the "why test" that Granger used to have here. I'd actually worked on this late last season but never got around to making it live until this week. Anyways, if you're on any team's page (overview, schedule, standings, etc) there will be a link to "Why?" in the sidebar section labeled "Team rank/rating" (if you're on mobile devices this will be near the bottom of the page).

Also, in case y'all think I forgot, I simply still haven't come up with a solution for the pick 'em yet. Every week I think this is the week, but nothing going yet. At this point, I'm just hoping to have a solution by the playoffs. 🤦‍♂️

Week 8 Ready!

The rankings for week 7 are out! Also, the schedules and spreads for week 8 have been updated.

The week 8 games of the week have also been updated.

The week 8 fan polls will be ready to go at midnight tonight.

Coaches: the deadline to get nominations in for Player of the Week is Monday night at midnight.

A Few Updates

Ok, y'all, the top six games of the week, for week 7, have been updated! As mentioned last week, there was a change here to remove some games that The Toy didn't consider to be close games.

The fan polls will be open tonight at midnight (Sunday night).

Coaches, please make sure you get your players nominated for our Player of the Week by midnight on Monday night! We don't want to miss anyone!

Rankings and Spreads Updated

The week 6 rankings are here! Also, the spreads for week 7 have been updated.

Everything else will be updated, following a software update, that I'll apply this evening.

Ready for Week 6!

The week 5 rankings and the week 6 schedules and spreads are ready to go!

Coaches, today (Monday) is the last day to submit last week's stand-out players for Player of the Week.

The fan polls are live and ready for votes.

Finally, the top six games of the week, for week 6, have been updated. Just as an FYI, I do plan on making a change here for the "more games to watch" to remove games that The Toy thinks will be mercy rule games.

Rankings, Spreads, Top Games

The rankings after week 4 and the week 5 spreads are out!

Coaches, don't forget to get last week's stand-out players nominated for the Player of the Week!

The fan polls will open up for voting at midnight tonight (Sunday).

Also, the top six games of the week for week 5 have been updated!