Week 10 updates

The rankings (week 10) and spreads (week 11) have been updated.

This week we'll start to have playoff games rolling in for week 12, so I've also expanded the schedule to be able to accept week 12 games. Please note that while anyone can add games to their team's schedule, games will not be made public without approval unless your account is associated with the team. If you are a coach, athletic director or school administrator, and would like your account associated with your team, please contact me to let me know.

Finally, the games of the week have also been updated. I am still tweaking this feature as we wrap up the regular season, so please don't be surprised to see some game changes here over the next several days.

Week 9 rankings, spreads and top games updated

The rankings (week 9) and spreads (week 10) have been updated.

Also, the games of the week have been updated. Looks like we have a few really good matchups coming this week, some of which could determine district championships and/or playoff spots.

Week 8 updates

The rankings (week 8) and spreads (week 9) have been updated.

Also, the games of the week have been updated.

Rankings / spreads / top games updated

The rankings (week 7) and spreads (week 8) have been updated!

Additionally, the top games of the week have been updated! I'll start a thread about this later today, and probably start doing that on a weekly basis.

As always, thank you to everyone who helped get scores in so quickly this week. Y'all are the real reason this site keeps on trucking along!

Site update

Today's site update included mostly bug fixes, but I did make one change to the spreads page and added a new weekly top games page.

Click here for more info.

District vs non-district games

I know some private schools have already played some district games but as we really get rolling on district this week I thought I should take the time to remind folks to make sure your team's district games are marked as district games and your non-district games are not, especially if you played a district opponent in a non-district game.

This is the first year where we do auto-marking for district games, rather than having you check a box for each game when entering the schedule and I'm sure it's possible that there may be a few errors here and there.

Please note that if your games are marked wrong, then your team's district record on the team's overview page will also be wrong. If anyone notices any games that are wrong, please let me know and I'll get them fixed as quickly as possible.

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