Highest and lowest scoring games

A question about one of the highest scoring games ever was brought up today so I thought it might be neat to be able to easily see a list of the highest and lowest scoring six-man games ever played. So, to get a little break from some of the other things I'm working on (and to satisfy my curiosity) I went ahead and made a few pages for just that.

The page for the highest scoring six-man football games ever will show all games where at least 175 total points were scored.

The listing for the lowest scoring six-man football games will show games where no more than 25 points were scored.

Please keep in mind that, in both of these pages, only games in our archives count. So, that is any games played from 1994 to now. If anyone notices any that are off, please let me know and I'll get them corrected.

Missing schedules

Just to get the ball rolling a little bit on schedules for next season, I've created a thread in the forums listing all the teams with no games listed so far as well as teams with five, or fewer, games listed.

If you have schedules for any of the teams listed in this thread, please let me know. A link to my contact details can be found in the post too.

Site additions and updates

I wanted to take just a minute to share a few changes that have been made today, mainly with team pages.

First, there is now a "Map" tab for all teams. If I have the coordinates to a team's home field, the tab will be shown. Please note that these are the same locations that allow me to populate the weekly map. If the map displays the wrong location, please let me know and I'll get it fixed as soon as possible.

Second, speaking of incorrect information, I've added a "Report" link at the bottom of the team pages for overview, schedule, map and archive. Please use this link to report any incorrect or missing data on any of these pages.

Third, there is now a new block in the sidebar (the "sidebar" will display at the bottom of the page on narrow devices). The new block is for "Missing team data". Simply, if there is data missing from the team, you can look there to find out. If you have any of the missing/incorrect data, please contact me and I'll get it fixed as soon as possible.

Finally, if you are browsing the scores archive, clicking on a team name will take you directly to that team's complete schedule for the year that you're browsing.

Changing your username

I just wanted to bring this to everyone's attention. Instead of creating a new account, if you change teams for example, so you can get a new username, members can now simply change their username from the account details page.

Please note that members can only change their username once every 90 days. Also, your old username will be unusable for a full year from the date you change.

Team browsing/search page

To make finding teams a bit more obvious than having to search by schedule, I've added a "Teams" page, as part of the sub-navigation to the Home menu.

That page will show a listing of all the currently active teams in the database, as well as a search box to search for inactive/JV teams as well.

Team archives added

I've now added an easier way to browse the schedule/score archives by team. When viewing a team's overview or schedule page, you will now see an "Archive" tab.

Clicking that tab will take you to that team's schedule and score archives. From there, there is another tab bar with options for navigating by year. If a year is missing, it's because we have no games for that team, for that year listed in the database.

That said, I have already found a few games that are listed for one team and not the other. This is because the team ID is missing for one of the teams. If you notice any games missing, please let me know and I'll work to get it corrected as soon as possible.