Schedule changes

There have been quite a few game changes already in the first few weeks of the season, especially to Thursday nights because of referee shortages.

I'd like to ask all you coaches, athletic directors, players and fans to check your team's schedule at least once a week and please get in touch with me if you notice any errors so that I can get them corrected as soon as possible.

Rankings re-calculated

Because there was a top 10 team that I even realize I was missing a score for, once I got it in I decided to re-run the rankings. That shook things up a bit, especially at the top!

Hopefully that won't happen again...we'll just say I had week one jitters or something...

Spreads issue corrected

I finally got home and was able to track down the issue with the spreads and it's now fixed.

Issue with week 2 spreads

An issue with the week 2 spreads was brought to my attention and, after digging into it briefly, it's obvious that there is definitely a problem somewhere in the code.

I'm away from my computer at the moment but as quickly as I can get home I'll get the issue corrected and spreads updated again. In the meantime, I wouldn't trust any of the spreads!

Week 1 Rankings / Week 2 Spreads

After finally tracking down all the scores (to the games I knew about), the rankings have been updated.

Also, the week 2 spreads are now ready!

Thanks to everyone who posted, texted or emailed scores to me this week. It was much appreciated!

Finally Football Time!

It's finally high school football time in Texas y'all! Words can't express how excited I am for this upcoming season.

I just wanted to quickly say good luck to all the teams competing tonight, and throughout this season.

Please don't forget to get your final scores to me. Any way that you can do that (email, text, Twitter, private message, the forums or just stopping me in person) is greatly appreciated.

Again, good luck to all the players, coaches, traveling fans, and to anyone else who will be supporting these teams throughout the season!