Rankings and Spreads Updated

The week 6 rankings are here! Also, the spreads for week 7 have been updated.

Everything else will be updated, following a software update, that I'll apply this evening.

Ready for Week 6!

The week 5 rankings and the week 6 schedules and spreads are ready to go!

Coaches, today (Monday) is the last day to submit last week's stand-out players for Player of the Week.

The fan polls are live and ready for votes.

Finally, the top six games of the week, for week 6, have been updated. Just as an FYI, I do plan on making a change here for the "more games to watch" to remove games that The Toy thinks will be mercy rule games.

Rankings, Spreads, Top Games

The rankings after week 4 and the week 5 spreads are out!

Coaches, don't forget to get last week's stand-out players nominated for the Player of the Week!

The fan polls will open up for voting at midnight tonight (Sunday).

Also, the top six games of the week for week 5 have been updated!

Rankings and Spreads

The rankings for week 3, and the spreads for week 4, have both been updated.

Also, the fan polls for week 4 area ready.

I'd also like to remind everyone about our new broadcasts page. If you're going to be broadcasting a game, please make sure you're listed on that page.

Finally, the new games of the week have been posted.

Rankings and Spreads Updated

The week 2 rankings and the week 3 spreads have been updated.

COACHES: Another reminder to get your week 2 Player of the Week nominations in. The deadline on that is tonight at midnight.

The week 3 fan polls are now open, too. They'll close at noon on Wednesday.


This morning, out of nowhere, a solution hit me for the rankings page. So, I'm pretty sure the records on the rankings are now fully accurate (assuming we have your team's score). I went ahead and re-ran last week's rankings so the records could adjust and, since there were late score additions, some rankings might have been changed slightly.