Ready for round two!

Well, the field was just cut in half and we're on to round two of the playoffs!

The rankings (week 12), spreads (week 13), and playoff brackets have all been updated.

The games of the week have also been updated.

Also, it's time to make your picks in the playoff pick 'em for round two! Once again, you have until the first game of the week is scheduled to start to get those picks in!

New playoff pick 'em!

I just added our new playoff pick 'em to the site, just in the nick of time! It is still in its infancy stages, so don't expect too much. If you notice any issues, please let me know and I'll get it fixed ASAP.

Ready for week 12!'s been a long week of coding for me this week, trying to get caught up on all I'd been slacking on the last few months, but I finally got things (mostly) ready for the playoffs!

The rankings (week 11) and spreads (week 12) have both been updated.

The games of the week have been updated.

Also, we've got the new playoff brackets rolling (just need to get TAPPS and TAIAO ready to go).

I'm working my tail off to get the playoff pick 'em ready to go too. Still some work to do, but I'm still hopeful I can get things ready by sometime tomorrow, so be on the lookout for that too!

It's playoff time, y'all! Let's get it!

Playoff Brackets

All playoff brackets, as I add them, can now be found on the main playoff brackets page.

Week 12 open

Week 12 has now been opened to add games to. As always, please note that if you add a game, and you're not the coach of one of the teams you're adding a game for, that game won't be posted publicly until it is approved.

To associate your account with your team, and be able to bypass this approval and have a few more schedule related options, please contact me to let me know what team you're associated with. Please note that you must be a coach, AD or school administrator to have your account associated with a team.

Rankings re-processed

Just as an FYI, the rankings were just re-processed to adjust for adding the High Island/Burkeville score. This won't affect most rankings/ratings, but since it hadn't been long since I did them, I wanted to go ahead so things could be as accurate as possible.