Team browsing/search page

To make finding teams a bit more obvious than having to search by schedule, I've added a "Teams" page, as part of the sub-navigation to the Home menu.

That page will show a listing of all the currently active teams in the database, as well as a search box to search for inactive/JV teams as well.

Team archives added

I've now added an easier way to browse the schedule/score archives by team. When viewing a team's overview or schedule page, you will now see an "Archive" tab.

Clicking that tab will take you to that team's schedule and score archives. From there, there is another tab bar with options for navigating by year. If a year is missing, it's because we have no games for that team, for that year listed in the database.

That said, I have already found a few games that are listed for one team and not the other. This is because the team ID is missing for one of the teams. If you notice any games missing, please let me know and I'll work to get it corrected as soon as possible.

"Message board" renamed to "Forums"

For those who haven't already found it, the "Message boards" have now been renamed to "Forums". The reason for this is because the it's the software default for the software we're now using. In order for it to stay as "Message board", I'd have to manually go in and change it every time I update the site to the latest version of our software. Rather than doing that, I figured it was best (definitely easier) to just let the default language prevail.

So, you will now find what used to be the message board in the "Forums" tab in the navigation. Nothing else has changed.

Sorry I didn't put this announcement up yesterday, following the update where I decided to let it go, and I'm certainly sorry if this caused any inconveniences for any of you. I thought the two phrases were pretty much universally interchangeable so didn't even consider it would be necessary to post a notice about it.

Coaches: Open/filled prefixes added

Today I added a few prefixes that can be used in both the Games Needed / Open Dates and Coaching Vacancies forums. This will, hopefully, make it easier to distinguish between dates/jobs that are open and ones that are already filled.

Click here to read more about this.

Adding games to your schedule

There have been a few folks who have been confused as to how to add games to their team's schedule so I've put together a brief step-by-step tutorial on the process here:

Please let me know if any of you have any questions. I'm also happy to add the schedule myself if you want to email, text, or private message me a copy.

Division Organization

I've been working the last week, or so, on trying to get the teams into the correct divisions for the upcoming season. I believe most teams are accurate to this point, but if your team is still wrong, please contact me and let me know so I can get it updated.

You can see a list of the divisions, and the teams in those divisions, as I have them, at this page: SixMan Football Divisions

Thank you to everyone who has helped out getting all the data up to date to this point. It's very much appreciated!