Tapps playoffs! Who ya got??


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Division 1
Dallas lakehill ranked #1
Looks like they will meet Giddings in the semis. The bottom part of that division 1 bracket is tough. Veritas will meet Gainesville in the quarter finals. That should be a very good game. Hatfield will have his boys ready to play however I’m going to take Gainesville in a close one. The marble Falls vs Denton Calvary should be a good matchup as well. Taking Denton. Emery on a bye will more than likely be matched up with Veritas in a rematch of last years semifinals.

Division 2
Will anyone even give watauga a game?? Conroe and New Braunfels will more than likely be the team that gets to tackle that juggernaut! I like Conroes chance a little better than New Braunfels because they are the more physical team and are peaking at the right time! Conroe vs Watauga in the finals and Watauga walks away with it.

Division 3
Should be a very good bracket.
Lubbock Kingdom Prep has a bye and will face the winner of Living Rock and Dallas Tyler. Whoever makes it out of that will be rewarded with a beatdown courtesy of Weatherford. Bottom Baytown on the bye more than likely headed for a matchup with Fredericksburg. That should be a great game as well. Taking Fredericksburg in a close one and move on to tackle Weatherford. Taking Fredericksburg in D3