TAPPS playoff predictions

Let’s not read too much into this one fellas. Covenant wins this one again with no problem.
Can we read into the best team in worst district one game away from going to state? Baytown is about the shock some people. Still think it’s crazy some people don’t want to give them credit for how good they are this year.
Gonna disagree on “easily”… they beat Fredericksburg by 40 or so. Baytown beat them by 8. That being said I think it’s a little different the deeper you get in the season. Teams find their identity later in the season. I think this will be a slug fest. Will this game be live stream anywhere??
Any of the games been moved to Saturday? Weather going to be pretty bad for most of Friday
We left w 2 min left, but Christian Heritage Longview was beating up KPA 32-12 and had the ball. Don’t know the final but certain Heritage won.