TAPPS playoff picks

Agree I’m not sure on the per quarter average on the other teams but thats definitely an important fact to point out. I was just doing a little digging into some opponents and don’t have all the quarter per quarter breakdown as you do for Prestonwood. Thanks for sharing
It’s not a big deal…just pointing out that stats get skewed in 6 man because of the mercy rule. A really good team may only get 6-7 possessions in a game and usually on a short field. Prestonwood had a game earlier this year where they returned the opening KO for a TD and returned a pick 6. It was 32-0 4 minutes into the game. The starters night was done midway through the first quarter w/ less than 70 yards of total offense.

Plus, if you’ve got a balanced attack w/ a lot of mouths to feed, individual stats take a hit. People ooh and ahh over a kid on a mediocre team who rushes for 250 of his teams 300 total yards in a game that goes 4 quarters, while another team may have 3-4 players who split up 200 yards in a halftime game.

Just my $.02.
The second game Prosper Prestonwood North Lions vs Baytown Christian Bulldogs is in a weather delay. The TAPPS Facebook page says kickoff is at 4:00PM
Prestonwood up 36-14 @ half and will receive 2nd half kickoff. Baytown’s #4 is a warrior, but he’s gassed.
Congrats on y’all’s win! Heck of a team y’all have there.
He either ran or passed on every play but 1. Kids showing some guts for sure. He just can’t do it by himself.
Kid has heart I’ll tell you that. Been around him for the past 7-8 years and he has the heart of a winner.