Loraine vs Richland Springs

Cedric Ware from Westbrook is super dynamic as well and you take a look at the competition he’s been doing it against for his career is pretty impressive to say the least, would love to see Rigdon against top competition week to week to see where they compare but it is what it is . But I’ll take Ware’s 354 yards and 8 tds on the ground against Garden City all day long when talking about dynamic players he’s in a league of his own in my opinion, but again that’s my opinion and we are all entitled to our own. But this post is about RS vs. Loraine and I’ll take the bulldogs tonight.
I'm very aware of Ware and all the Wildcats. Looks like they are getting healthy at the right time and primed for another run. Ware is an excellent, although different type of talent compared to Rigdon. I saw him several times last year and a couple this year. Not slighting him in the least.
I don't think they even had positive yardage. Every play it seemed they were tackled behind the line of scrimmage They never had a first down.
sixmanfan5588 is correct on the first downs. I don't know any stats on yardage. I do know Loraine dominated them.
Ok. Fair enough. I never seen a 1st down.
The game stats shows 0 passing.
0 first downs.
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I know Etheridge left but was everyone else that played Cherokee in the game and healthy? Just curious because good grief that was bad
Loraine 48-16 over Cherokee. I would say those numbers will be pretty accurate.
This game will be a battle. Cherokee should have their kid back in starting lineup. That should help that offense that seemed a bit out of sync against Blackwell to get back on track. I think whoever wins this game will make it to state.