Loraine vs Richland Springs


Six-man fan
Good Luck to Both Teams . As A Die Hard Cherokee Indian Fan and Ex player I would Love to see Richland Springs pull this game off . But I just can’t pull for Richland Springs . Loraine is a better Team all round against Richland Springs . Hope Richland is healed from there Injuries. And can give them a run for there money . We Shall see . Cherokee will take care of business Friday night . See ya the week after for a great show Down !!!! Good Luck Lusty and Billy !!!!!
I've looked around a little but found nothing. Does anyone else know anything about an audio stream or radio broadcast of this game?
My wife and I are getting ready to head for the game between Loriene and Richland Springs.I live in Kemp, so I am looking at a 6-hour drive. I decided not to drive back until tomorrow, so we got a room in San Angelo. I hear it is going to be a little "cool" so I am counting on RS to end this game early. Go Coyotes!
I'm excited at the thought, and hopeful, that Bluff Dale takes the region. I'm also not looking forward to a possible rematch with Cherokee. 😬 We weren't at full strength for that game, not that it would have mattered. Cherokee is just really really good.