Loraine vs Richland Springs


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Good Luck to Both Teams . As A Die Hard Cherokee Indian Fan and Ex player I would Love to see Richland Springs pull this game off . But I just can’t pull for Richland Springs . Loraine is a better Team all round against Richland Springs . Hope Richland is healed from there Injuries. And can give them a run for there money . We Shall see . Cherokee will take care of business Friday night . See ya the week after for a great show Down !!!! Good Luck Lusty and Billy !!!!!
I've looked around a little but found nothing. Does anyone else know anything about an audio stream or radio broadcast of this game?
You will probably get to see.
Many Loraine fans were at Arlington last year to watch Westbrook take the crown.
Both teams are healthy now and on a roll.
My wife and I are getting ready to head for the game between Loriene and Richland Springs.I live in Kemp, so I am looking at a 6-hour drive. I decided not to drive back until tomorrow, so we got a room in San Angelo. I hear it is going to be a little "cool" so I am counting on RS to end this game early. Go Coyotes!
I'm excited at the thought, and hopeful, that Bluff Dale takes the region. I'm also not looking forward to a possible rematch with Cherokee. 😬 We weren't at full strength for that game, not that it would have mattered. Cherokee is just really really good.