Future Changes (Suggestions Welcome) 2023-24 Edition

There the State Championships are listed, is there a way to show who was the Coach for each team.

While possible, and I do like the idea of having this, this is probably something that'll have to wait a bit just because my list of things dealing with archives is so long already I don't want to commit to something I'm about 99.99% sure I won't be able to get to anytime soon.

This off-season I'm completely re-doing the archives to make it easier for me to 1) add games that aren't already added and 2) specify whether a game was district/playoff/state championship. Once I've got that done, I'm going to be really pushing for folks to help backfill all that data back to 1994 (where possible). Then, I'm going to open it up to prior to that. Eventually I'd like to have every Texas six-man school and every Texas six-man game ever played listed on this site.

Basically, if someone wants to know anything about six-man football, past or present, they should be able to find it here (or just ask @Leman Saunders which is generally my go-to :ROFLMAO:).