Future Changes (Suggestions Welcome)

I know Dave Campbell's has a pick'em(as I participate in it) for the regular season and continues all the way through the playoffs. It would be cool if there was a reward for picking the most games in a week and the entire season, just like Dave Campbell's.

Thanks for the suggestion. This is something I'm already considering doing for the regular season, but I'm not sure if I can get it incorporated in time for this season. It will be ready by the time playoffs roll around this year, for sure, but I'm just not absolutely certain I can get it done before the regular season starts.
Before the season comes to an end and everyone goes into hibernation mode, awaiting next season, I wanted to give everyone a head's up on things that I'll be working on this off-season. I also wanted to give an opportunity for y'all (especially those of you who are coaches) to recommend changes that you'd like to see made to the site before next season to make it easier to use.

Here are some things on my list already, in no particular order.

  • Update the overall look/style of the site. The plan here is just to make the site look a little better overall. I think the colors could be different, a new logo needs to be in place and I'd like to get some action shots from some games in the background. I will, most likely, be using images that have been uploaded into our media gallery for this so if you'd like your images to be considered, feel free to upload them there.
  • Make it easier to report errors with schedules. I'd like to have a way for folks to click a "report" button right on the schedule or game to report errors.
  • Make it so that coaches and/or school representatives can edit their own schedules, even after they've been submitted.
  • Update the team pages to include more data such as division/district rank and standings.
  • Live score update changes. I'm still not completely sure what I'd like to do here, but I'm thinking something needs to be done differently for getting live updates. The text updates for the live scoreboard is nice, but there isn't much control there and it's fairly hard to find individual scores on that page. If I can't come up with something better we'll roll with texts again, but I'll definitely keep folks posted on this one.
  • Better playoff brackets. This year I just threw something together quickly because playoffs came up on me way too fast and I wasn't ready! Next year I'm hoping to have a better bracket that displays more info (date/time/locations), or at least has a button to click that will show a popup with that info. I'd also like to have it so that when a score is added the bracket is automatically populated so that scores don't have to be added in two separate locations.
  • Speaking of playoffs, how about a playoff pick'em? This is one that I wish I'd known about at least several weeks ago and I would have tried to get it added this season. Too late for that, though, so next season it is!
  • Re-organize the forums. It's an awfully long scroll down the main forums page. I think having individual forums for each district is too much, and quite a few haven't even had a post in over a year, so those will probably be condensed. There are several other forums that have very few topics that I think can be combined.
  • Add historical score/ranking data.

Red - Implemented (I'm all done here)
Orange - Partially implemented (more work to be done)
Green - In progress

Again, please don't hesitate to let me know about any changes you'd like to see made for next season. This site is for y'all, the coaches and fans of six-man football. As such, I want to make sure it's as easy to use and informative as possible. Feel free to private message, email, or text me if you don't want to post your suggestions here.
Please don't make us go through that "I am human" log in. It is so much fun looking at those tiny pictures, most of them in poor lighting, and why do you think a robot call would cause a problem for SMFG .com?
Please don't make us go through that "I am human" log in. It is so much fun looking at those tiny pictures, most of them in poor lighting, and why do you think a robot call would cause a problem for SMFG .com?

You shouldn't have to pass any of the captcha stuff to simply log in. To register, yes, but not to log in. In fact, I don't think there are any captchas at all for folks who are already registered members, and logged in. If there are, let me know and I'll see about getting that fixed.