Faith Academy Bellville/Duncanville Christway


11-man fan
To anyone who didn't get a chance to make it out to the Faith Academy vs Duncanville Christway you missed a much better game than the scoreboard showed.

Christway was a very impressive team and my hat is off to Coach O'Connor and his staff for doing what you have done this year with your team. Kolby Burns and Chris Polk were impressive and not only hard to catch but hard to bring down to the turf. Even more impressive than how well Christway played on the field was the Christ-like character their players showed throughout the game. Both teams were picking each other up after tackles, aiding and praying for the opponents when someone went down on the field, and the Christway players were a CLASS ACT after the game ended in their humbleness. It is always a joy to play against not only great players but great teams who represent the most important thing which is how we represent our Lord. Keep doing what your doing Christway with humbleness, integrity, and joy!!!

Good Luck Christway in your game against Fredricksburg.