Don’t write off the Lions


11-man fan
I have been lurking around this site for a few years now, and have enjoyed reading your posts and learning about 6-man football. So, thank you all for that

I am a parent of one of the players on Logos Prep in Sugar Land. I want to give a shout out to all the boys on our Div I Championship team.

The game against Austin Hill Country was pretty much indicative of the journey our Seniors have endured over the last 4 years.
A journey of constant adversity: two “11 man mentality” coaches that were not a good fit with the the team or the school, and this year, a preseason Mad Cow Disease incident, followed by losing our Sr QB to an ACL in a preseason scrimmage, and losing three additional key players very early in the season (all starters). One finally returned to be a huge factor in our Playoff run

It’s amazing how each quarter of Thursdays game parallels each of the last four years of our program. Through it all this senior class never, ever quit. They got closer to each other, kept on grinding, and stayed focused. They knew they could come back against Hill Country, if they just stayed close (they were on the losing end of a similar game in the past).
The incredible 20 unanswered points in the 4th Quarter, was insane. But, that is 6-man football, proving that an 18 point lead with under 3 minutes left is not safe.

This Logos team has always been very good. Last years team was arguably more talented. This years coach had never coached 6-man before. If we had him 2 years ago, last year would’ve been a deep playoff run, too.

This year, the team should always have been ranked a lot higher than we were.
Several games we were up by 25+ before the end of the first quarter. So, Coach was able to get a lot of playing time for our younger guys.
And, anyone who was really paying attention to our game at Conroe Covenant (including Conroe fans) knows who really won that game. Thanks to:
3 - 2nd half injury timeouts, that were actually full time outs for Covenant (their whole team was on the field being coached, the “injured” player popped up completely fine and ran back to the group, the clock never started until the next snap)
1 - mystery interception by Covenant that was called incomplete by 2 officials, then overruled by the White hat (who was not even close to the play)
And finally, to top it off, Logos driving in regulation, the officials took away a down. Yea, you read that right. The down marker guy flipped from second to fourth down. The Announcer says 4th down. We were screaming like crazy, but the official didn’t do anything about it, and didn’t change it. We have video to prove this actually happened. Curiously, the “interception” and the lost play sequence was removed from Conroe’s tape.
At a neutral site, Logos won that game by 2 touchdowns in regulation.
As far as the future, Logos has never been short of good athletes. 4 years ago, we could barely get 12 guys to even play.
This year, we had over 50 in the football program (including Jr High). We had enough to put together our first JV (freshman and Sophomores), a large, very talented freshman class, and 20+ coming up in middle school.

So, again. Thank you for your insight and banter about 6-man football. I expact you will be hearing much more from Logos Prep for years to come

Best Regards