A Long and Rambling End

I only check in in the off season once or twice every week or two. Saw this last last Saturday and was bummed about it all day. Still don't know what to say. Checking in and commenting has been a regular part of life for near 20 years for me.
First, I hope you and your family are well Granger.
For the sake of players, coaches and yes us fans I hope the site can somehow be continued in some shape form or fashion. It's such a valuable tool for coaches. The rankings and spreads have been tweaked by Guru over the years so well they are amazing. I've never really cared for the term Toy, it's certainly much more than that.
I'll miss the conversations and banter immensely if it does go completely away. Thanks for doing an awesome job moderating it.

Best regards to Granger and all,

Ron Bulman
You will be missed immensely. Thank you for everything, you built this space from the ground up and connecting schools hundreds of miles away.
I too started receiving your newsletter in the mid 90s and I have been soaking up all things six man ever since. Thanks for providing a forum highlightIng the incredible accomplishments of small town student athletes and coaches all over our great state. May your future be blessed. You will be missed.

So many memories that you have created with your service to the six-man community. You my friend have championed this cause faithfully for so many years. You have been a constant in my life and the lives of so many coaches and athletes. There is no way to truly express how much you have been appreciated. All I can say is....THANK YOU! Thank you for the memories. Thank you for the dedication and commitment you have demonstrated to the small schools and communities that love six-man football. Thank you for the countless hours of work. Thank you for the sacrifices you have made. And thank you for serving. Please know that you have a permanent place on my guest list and a reserved pressbox seat at any home game I head coach from now until the end of my career.

Coach Jeremy Wentrcek
the Christian School at Castle Hills
Actually Granger,
My team
was always better
than your team
And its a
Good thing
your wife is so hot!

Enjoy your life bro.