Everyone Cares...Love Harder


Six-man master
Way too often it takes a tragedy to make people slow down to think about life, and others and, really, just what matters most. That’s what has happened this week. So many things running through my mind. I need to call this person. I need to check in on that person. So many friends who have drifted away because neither of us took the time to call, or at least send a text to let the other know hey, I’m thinking about you and love you. The truth is, we’ve all been here before. It’s emotional, and you think about things differently when you’re emotional. We change our profile pictures. We have shirts made. We talk to people we haven’t talked to in years and make promises that we’ll keep in touch. The problem is, after the those initial emotions start to go away, and our hearts begin to heal, we have a tendency to forget until it happens again. We go back to our old ways of only talking to one another in passing and never just checking in with one another. It saddens me and it makes me wonder why we’re like that. I don’t have an answer. Why can’t we spare a few minutes out of our day for another human? We all struggle with inner demons and sometimes all it takes is a call or a text from someone to calm the storm.

Please don’t take this as me being preachy or judging any of you. I’m just as bad, or worse, than anyone else. I’ve lost contact with so many past friends of mine because we just drifted apart. One day we were talking and everything was fine and the next thing you know it’s been years since you’ve heard their voice or even sent them a text.

As a Christian I’ve really struggled today because I feel like I should be one of the ones setting an example. Not that Christians are better than anyone else. We’re not. I’m certainly not. But we’re the ones who preach love to everyone around us then fail to show that love to everyone around us in our daily lives. Why did I not make the effort, or take the first step, to keep in contact with those who I love and know love me back? How do I let myself just fade out of their lives without a second thought until something bad happens. Again, I wish I had that answer, but I just don’t.

Today I’m emotional. Today I’ll do things I wouldn’t normally do because of that emotion. This post is exactly that. A week ago it wouldn’t even cross my mind to write this. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. I don’t have to be emotional to let those I care about know when I’m thinking of them, or let them I know I love them, that I’m always here and that I have their back no matter what.
I can’t call you all, or send you all a text, every week. I’m fortunate enough that I have too many friends and family members I care about and, unfortunately, not enough time. If you’re reading this, though, just know that I do love you and I do care about you. Know that you can call me, message me, text me or come knock on my door any time you need to, or just want to, talk. I’m here for you.

Today, though, I do promise to take a stand. I promise to start calling, or at least sending a text, to at least one person a week to let them know I care about them and love them. I’d love to say I’ll do it daily, and I will try my best to do just that, but I don’t want to make a promise I don’t know I can keep. Can you make the same promise to take a few minutes out of your week for a family member or friend you haven't spoken to in a while? What if I told you it could save someone’s life?

I’m doing this because I’m emotional. I’ll keep doing it because I care and I need to learn to love harder.

Everyone Cares…Love Harder
Brilliant,...absolutely brilliant! Wouldn't it all make for a wonderful world if we thought about these things daily? God always points the way to how we should be, but it is our choice to follow or ignore His direction. God has now reminded me, through you, to be better. I have to learn to listen more to Him. And, at letting the one's I love, hear it more often.