Cowboys Chances?


11-man fan
After the poor showing against Washington, one yard rushing 146 passing, how do you think the Cowbys are going to do? Let's face it they haven't looked good for a couple of weeks. Bearcat be gentle.
You know, it was a real hoot to listen to Terry Bradshaw and company rail on how bad the Cowboys looked and how hot my Packers were going into the playoffs.

Seems last week, my Packers looked like the Manila Folders against the stinkin' Bears ...

This week's games didn't mean diddly squat (well, kind of for the 'Skins, as the stinkin' Vikings nearly beat Denver) so anyone making playoff predictions based on this week's game is in dire need of job retraining ...
I think that Fox put Bradshaw on just for comic relief. I wonder if he is really as much of an idiot as he plays one on TV.