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Does anyone know how much time or years if any are remaining on the ban of TAPPS and TCAL schools be able to play each other during the season. I know the rule was passed before I started Coaching 3 years ago and just wanted to see if anyone knew a time.
I actually looked at Section 138 of the TAPPS by-laws because it was brought up on the organization's webinar yesterday without making reference to T-CAL specifically.

While I communicate regularly with Bryan, Steve and Robert on the TAPPS staff, I've not discussed this with them. My GUESS is that it has something to do with T-CAL letting in every school that TAPPS has disciplined over the years (Cleveland Heritage; SA St. Anthony (which is back in TAPPS now) and the latest Cedar Hill Trinity Christian).

If that's the only reason, I understand that you may take a hard measure to try and force change. However, I don't know if there are other reasons.

The part that I personally struggle with - as someone who tries to promote and publicize all schools that are not members of the UIL - is that many schools with coaches and kids who would never ever think of breaking a rule - and enjoy the spirit of fellowship in T*CAL (and maybe some for competition reasons) - are impacted by this. I've been at a T*CAL championship event (in 2018 maybe) as well as seeing a school at today's Six-Man Shootout in Waco and have seen kids and coaches working hard with excellent sportmanship and fellowship. Again, I'm challenged by it because these young men and women only get these chances one time.

Sorry that I don't have any more information to give you. Wish I knew for sure and how to remedy it.
I was just reading the TAPPS bylaws the other day (something I used to do regularly, but no longer do so).

Section 138 - Athletic Regulations
Chapter III - Scheduling

7. TAPPS Member Schools may schedule scrimmages or contests with schools, home school organizations, or other such groups who are members of the following organizations:
a. University Interscholastic League (UIL)
b. Southwest Preparatory Conference (SPC)
c. Texas Christian Athletic Fellowship (TCAF)
f. Houston Charter School League

8. If new organizations are formed for competitive opportunities for schools, TAPPS shall not review the league for inclusion in the above list until the league has operated for a minimum of two years. Review of any organization shall not deem the organization eligible.

9. Schools, home school organizations or other such groups who are not members of an organization are subject to the same rules and regulation as presented in Part A.b above.

T-CAL was expressly excluded under previous rules; the current rules state the groups for which your school can participate against.
Would you say that TCAL is like the Wild West and TAPPS is more along the lines of the Industrial Revolution? Asking for a historian friend...