Rigdon v ethridge

Honestly 6manlover, that’s a really good question!

I’ve been up close and personal with the Rigdons whenever I helped Benjamin beat up on Jayton a few weeks ago! The kid is unlike anything I’ve ever seen! You mix him in with the Heys boys, and they become unstoppable!

With all that said, Tyler Ethridge is the face of six man football! Hard to argue anything against him! Rigdon has had a good team around him, but Ethridge carried those coyotes by himself! GOAT! When you open a six man history book, Tyler Ethridge better be on the cover!

They both remind me a lot of myself whenever I played, except Coach didn’t give me enough playing time! Bet he wishes he put me in now that I’m a highly qualified six man analyst/guru! They’re both great players, but there’s only one Ethridge!
Whenever these loaded types of questions get ask, I always default to who would I draft if I had one pick to start a team. For me, I wouldn't even blink, it would be Rigdon. With that said, if somebody picked before me and got Rigdon, I wouldn't be worried at all with having Ethridge. Both are truly phenomenal talents.

As far as who is the better family...no idea. Both families seem to be very impactful wherever they are, like their sons.
I would say Grayson, because he has the State Championship game this year and probably 16 games next year remaining if he stays healthy.
Two years ago, on here, if I remember right TE dubbed GR as TE 2.0. I believe they are a little different in some respects. They both are/were unbelievably quick and obviously have great vison/awareness of what's happening around them and down the field. They both are/were great passers with excellent accuracy and strong arms. Maybe someone on here knows more about this but I don't remember TE's playing weight, just a WAG maybe 170-175 tops? GR is listed on this years UIL roster at 185, is he maybe an inch taller, he's listed at 5'11". GR Might be a little better at running over/shedding tacklers when he has to (what do those who have seen both think? I'd love to hear coach Lee's thoughts, he had a unique perspective of them). But neither of them have to/had to run over many, both being so quick and fast. In that respect, I'm sure both have been timed many times, but was TE Maybe a shade faster in straight down the field running, E.G. a 40 - 80 yard sprint? Been several years now since we've seen TE, hard to compare. Both have/had a "wow" burst of initial take off speed. It would be special to be able to see both of them in their prime in a foot race.
From looking at stats, Grayson is for sure a run first Spread Back. In the two seasons I can find stats on him, This year and last, His avg season looks like this.

15.5 Passing TDs 0 Ints, 943 Passing Yards, 1970.5 Rushing Yards, 42.5 Rush TDs, 418 Rec Yds 11.5 Rec TDs, 56 Tackles 3.5 Ints

57.5 Passing TDs, N/A Ints, 2715.25 Pass Yds, 1137.75 Rush Yds, 24.75 Rush Td's, N/A RectYds, N/A Rec Tds, 77 Tackles, 6.5 Ints

Not having GR play a Senior season at this point Id say the Following
Passing goes to TE
Rushing goes to GR
Receiving goes to GR
Defense goes to TE.

Even more summary

TE 82.25 APTD 3853 APYDS
GR 69.5 APTD 3331 APYDS

I also think some of these numbers will go up his Senior year.

I think GR is a more complete player and is involved in Every Facet of the game, where as TE is more of a traditional Early 2000s Spread Back where he will Throw it 75% of the time, and other than that will run the ball. He was a Solid DB as well. GR is a far superior runner and is a much more physical threat. He is also involved as a receiver as well. GR can line up anywhere on the field and make you better at that position.