More updates


I updated the site again today with some other things I've been working on over the last little bit. Most of the work being done, right now, is on the new features I talked about earlier in the week. There were a few new things I added that have been requested, but not yet implemented until now.

District standings

By a long shot, the most requested feature. Sorry it took so long to get on the wagon with this one. If you're viewing any team, there will now be a "Standings" tab. That tab will show all the teams in the district ordered as follows: wins from most to least, then losses from least to most, then ranking from best to worst.

Please keep in mind that because districts are able to determine their own tie-breakers, the district standings here may not always match the actual district standings where teams have the same record.

More weekly maps

Now, rather than just showing the weekly map for the current week, you can browse forward to view locations for all the remaining games across the state.
Just as an FYI, it was brought to my attention that the district standings page may not be accurate in all cases. Turns out if I enter a score backwards, then correct it, the standings never update from the first score entry. This is just to say that I'm aware of the problem, and will have it fixed before next week is ready to roll.

If your team's standings are wrong, they will be corrected, at least correct from the info I have, soon.
With tonight's update, the district standings pages for all teams should be fixed. Please let me know if y'all notice any issues as district play continues this week.

Also, I did make a small tweak to the games of the week. We now remove games where The Toy has decided that the game will end in a mercy rule.