Site updated


Six-man master
Once again, the site has been updated. Nothing super exciting here, but if you're in to the game archives, this one is definitely for you...

As quoted from the home page:

Today I pushed out another site update that mostly has to do with the way archived games are stored. However, with that, we're able to do some more with that data. I now have the ability to edit certain aspects of the games (dates, locations, district vs non-district).

If you're viewing the archives from a specific team, you'll notice there is now a "Report" link next to each one. Please use this to recommend changes that need to be made. In a future update I'll be changing the way the main scores archive looks, too, so I'll add a report button there as well.

Additionally, while I was at it, I also added the option to add a link to a YouTube video of archived games. I'll be slowly adding games as I can find them, but if you'd like to get some submitted, the report button can be used for that too. Games that have a video already associated will be indicated with a little video icon, which shows in the main archives and on the team archives.

I've added video links for both 2022 State Championship games so you can see how the video icon looks here: Clicking on any of the teams listed on this page will show you how it'll look on the team archive pages.

More updates are in the works and will, hopefully, be released in the coming weeks/months so stay tuned...