Grayson Rigdon Finalist for Mr. Texas Football

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Listen up sixmanlube!

If you don’t know already, I was a stud six man player. I had multiple recruiting offers from 6A schools in the area, but I turned them down because six man is in my blood! Six man athletes are the same as 6A athletes! I’ve stated multiple times that I could’ve been a multiple time state champion with the right coaching! It’s a shame Coach didn’t ask for my opinions back in the day!

Grayson Rigdon is quite the talent on the six man field! He reminds me a lot of myself! I’m sure there are quite a few 6A schools that would love to have him suiting up on Friday night! I’ve heard he’s a bit of a hoops player too. Good thing I know a bit about some basketball too!! You boys play nice and quit picking on high school kids! Especially if you’re not even a well qualified six man analyst like myself!

Hope all is well in y’all’s world!
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