Coaching Carousel 2022


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Any word on Matagorda, McLean, Fort Davis, Eden, and Vernon Northside? Just making sure if they made a hire or if they are still looking. Thanks!


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Any updates on these? I know Wildorado and SE just came open so I’m sure they are still interviewing. Just assuming.

Wildorado - open HFB/AD

Springlake Earth - open HFB/AD

Lubbock All-Saints - open HFB

Rule - open AD/HFB

Matagorda - open HFB

Dime Box - open HFB

Grandfalls - open HFB

McLean - open AD/HFB

Lazbuddie - open HFB

Fort Davis - open AD/HFB

Harrold - open AD

Lueders Avoca - AD/HFB

Calvert - AD/HFB open


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11 more openings, 12 if you count Dimebox. It’s been a crazy coaching carousel. Please let me know if any of you hear any updates so I can get this finished up when the others become filled. Thank you all for your help!