Coaching Carousel 2022-2023


Six-man pro
Since there are a few openings I figured to go ahead and get this started again.

Perrin - open HFB

Goldburg - open HFB

Bronte - open HFB

Kopperl - open HFB

Dime Box - open HFB

Lingleville - filled (Coach Jim Bays)

Chester - filled (Coach Chris Hicks)

Campbell - filled (Coach Preston Compton)

Chillicothe - filled (Coach Bryan White)

Rochelle - filled

Buena Vista - filled (Coach Jacob Benavidez)

Penelope - filled (Coach Chris Villarreal)

Kress - filled (Coach James Shelton)

Bluff Dale - filled (Coach Gaeron Cooley)

Cotton Center - filled (Coach Richard Jackson)

Welch Dawson - filled (Coach Jay Bingham)

Sanderson - filled (Coach Justin Hilliard)

Marfa - filled (Coach Edgar Ramirez)

Harold - filled

Richland Springs - filled

Burkeville - filled (Coach Michael Bethea)

Darrouzett - filled Coach Steve Smith)

Trent - filled (Coach Troy Sparks)

Eden - filled

Priddy - filled

Abilene Christian - filled (Coach Kirk Wade)

Mullin - filled (Coach Thomas Vanzandt)

Lueders-Avoca - filled (Coach Reese Wilson)

Follett - filled (Coach John Anderson)

Morgan - filled (Coach Chuck Wilson)

Wellman Union - filled (Coach John York)

Three Way - filled (Coach Cody Harris)

Bryson - filled (Coach Kevin Ray)

Bracken Christian - filled (Coach Cody

Meadow - filled (Coach Jacob Guzman)

Irion County - filled (Coach Shawn Harrison)

Savoy - filled (Coach Keith Hughes)

Anton - filled (Coach Adam Ramirez)
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