Week 10 Predictions


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Congrats to SMHC on their first ever district championship! San Macos wants the crown, and have delivered. @puldude, I don't think any of us here on the boards (well, at least not me) have meant to not give credit to your boys. This similar situation happened a few years back when Castle Hills won their first championship... I seem to recall that a castle hills fan here on the boards was tired of "castle hills getting no respect"- almost rightfully so- but here is what to think about- castle hills until that point in time had never been a contender, and the people on the boards "didn't give them respect" because they knew that perennially Freddy and Seguin were at the top. SMHC is in the same situation that Castle Hills was in. San Marcos has already shown that they were a tough team this year, but so did Seguin.. Naturally people will side with Seguin because San Marcos hasn't been on the map before and now they are. So congrats to their district championship, and prepare for every game in the playoffs because now SMHC has the target on their back. Teams want to knock of the top spot- but SMHC knows that because they have been wanting to take it from Freddy and Seguin- now they have and they need to keep it. I think its gonna be a rematch of this Saturday's game in the semis down south. SMHC has shown they have what it takes, now the second part of the journey begins.. A whole new experience in itself! Good games ahead! I'm prepping my playoff brackets. Congrats to all the district champions! And to those that didn't get it, the playoffs is your second breath, make it count!

Also puldude, I hope the flood damage isn't bad! Prayers to those your way.


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puldude":ead9ps2k said:

Really Pool Dude!? As an administrator and a leader of young people shouldn't you be leading by positive example and preaching humility? Your boys have earned this District Championship, be grateful and let their play/actions speak for themselves on the field. Be appreciative that your team has taken their lumps in the past and has risen to the challenge. There are many great lessons to learn on the football field. Humility is a good thing- there's still a lot of important football to be played.


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Shorty, thanks for your words. Clean up is nearly complete. Most everything has been recovered. Who knew SM River would jump out of its banks twice in 5 months? Maybe we should start a flood remediation company. Any way We are good and God is Awesome. On to Friday!!!!


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Nothing can make crow taste good so I'll just eat it. Congrats to San Marcos. You're the new 800 pound gorilla in TAPPS DIII. Don't lose your edge!


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I think we had a good week last week. I have not picked scores in a few weeks after my undefeated week a few weeks ago. Who cares though?

Sounds like the South has two strong teams but I'm not counting Freddy out just yet. 9 or 10 years in TAPPS Division I GREENVILLE CHRISTIAN got 3rd and 45d by Calvary and Rockwall Heritage but won state.

District 1 decided this week