Week 10 Predictions


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It's getting down to crunch time. There are several good games this week. Here are my picks:

Bellville Faith over Alvin Living Stones by 20. This ought to be a good game. I've been hearing that ALS is coming on and I would bet that their coach has got them improving and performing at higher levels each week. We'll see if they are up to the task. Bellville Faith has the edge on paper but could be a tight game with an ALS upset a distinct possibility

Fayette County Sports Assn. over Conroe Lifestyle by 30. Conroe has the ability to make this a close game. Will they?

Longview Trinity over Granbury NCTA by 1. I've seen film of Granbury and I've seen all of Trinity's games. Granbury looks really strong. But I've liked the resiliency I've seen from Trinity. If Trinity can get this game into the fourth quarter, I think they will pull it out. You don't bring down tall, thick trees by climbing to the top and picking off leaves and branches. You chop hard at the base. If Trinity does that, they win. If they don't, its over at the half. Forecast calls for a downpour and Trinity played well in one last week.

Richardson Canyon Creek over Brownwood by 45. If its dry and RCC is able to throw the ball, they dominate. If its wet, it will be a lot closer.

Sequin over San Marcos by 45. You heard it hear first!

Spring Branch over Selma by 45. No contest.

Athens Christian over Kings Academy by 45. Athens will pick up steam the last two weeks and surprise some folks.

WF WCS over EPJC by 45. Only thing making this closer is WCS looking past EPJC to next week. Coach Johnson won't let that happen. This one will be over early.

Good luck and safe travels!


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Sorry I have been gone for so long fellows, I just got my dial up internet back working after my sugar glider, Big Shug, ate the cord that connects the phone jack to my puter.
Looking good on the picks Davey. Kinda shocked your picking your boys at Trinity to beat the North Canadian Texas Academy. You are always skeptic of Trinity and seem to have a love affair with Seguin, Freddy, San Marcos, and North Canadian Texas Academy. So to pick your boys is shocking.

The rest of your picks look good. I think WCS is overrated but as long as they keep winning, why wouldn't everybody jump on the bandwagon like last year but keep drinking the kool aid, it will be a short playoff run for them. Canyon does beat Brownwood and wrap up 3rd place in that district. Don't think Seguin 45s San Marcos either.

Alrighty boys, I have a Doogie Howser marathon coming on. Good luck and stay dry!


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Richardson Canyon Creek 53
Brownwood Victory Life 46
So either BVL played their hearts out or RCC isn't as good as previously advertised. Or was it just THAT wet?


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If you check back to last year, I commented that the Stars were good, but I thought that they were still a year away. I stand by my statement. They have added new players, size, speed, and an incredible coach with a great game plan since last season. We will definitely know much more next week against Notre Dame.
I had to travel back to WF and am now headed back to Minnesota. Coach was nice enough to make a copy of the Lefors game. I can't wait to watch it!


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Not a drop of rain in Brownwood for that game. The Warriors are not as bad as everyone has been talking. Not having people hurt helps.


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Bellville Faith 64
Living Stones 19
Congratulations to the District 4 champs!
I have one district champ prediction right so far. Let's see how the other three go.


Lifegate vs Hill Country was moved to 2 pm Saturday.
And not a drop of rain tonight, but there was storm damage and flooding in the New Braunfels/San Marcos/Seguin area; one of the area 4A UIL contests were moved to Saturday at 2 pm as well.


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I've been gone a while as well, good to be back. I thought Trinity would play NCTA closer, i've seen some film on NCTA and their big player is good. Reminds me of Dante Johnson- but less explosive and he doesn't have a stiff arm quite like dante's. Great player nonetheless.. I think if trinity plays them again it will be a closer game if the coaches at trinity make adjustments to their defense. Seguin and San Marcos. I think it will be a good game. Seems like San Marcos is hungrier than ever this year and want the championship. Seguin does too and some of their now veterans probably played on their 2012 championship team. Lets see what coach Rabon and coach George put together for facing each other tomorrow (Well, actually later today haha)


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All of the games Friday night went as expected.

The Trinity game did not go as I predicted but I was not surprised by the outcome. Trinity simply did not have enough answers for what Granbury threw at them. #22 is a load. If he gets up a head of steam, he is gone. You have to hit him low and at or behind the line of scrimmage. Trinity did that some but not enough. I'm not sure what kind of stiff arm Dante Johnson had but Heyman hit our #11 with a stiff arm that looked like a telephone pole to the chest. #33 is a load as well. I was really impressed with #4. When you can send one rusher and he can beat his block and keep pressure on the qb, you've got a pretty good advantage in six man. #20 plays really solid defense and hits hard.

Granbury had a good game plan for Trinity and whatever they needed to adjust, they did. The one aspect of Trinity's game plan that I though was good was ball control and running as much time off the clock as possible (to keep #22 off the field). Trinity was actually pretty effective running out of their tight formation getting 5-7 yards regularly. Not sure why they didn't use it more often. We had 2nd and 1 at the Granbury 3 yard line and ran 3 consecutive plays out of the spread. That was a head scratcher for me. I thought the rain and wet conditions would play to our advantage. They did not. We get a lot of our big plays from improvised scrambles and when you can't keep your footing and the other team is solid in pursuit and breaking down for tackles, you won't get much.

I will say this. I had a chance to observe and visit with some of Granbury's coaches, players and fans and this is a class program. They play the right way and they conduct themselves in a classy, sportsmanlike manner. Their players and their coaching staff are high energy. Count me as a Kirby Rasco fan.

I do think that if Trinity gets another shot at them (semi's?), they may be able to give them a better game but last night, there was no question that Granbury was the better team.

Looking forward to hearing the Seguin - San Marcos results.


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San Marcos Hill Country 40
Seguin Lifegate 31
Per Tappster
If that's a true final, I will have correctly picked the champs for districts 2, 3 and 4 so far. On to district 1!


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Of coarse it is the TRUE final. And for all the folks on here who had no clue. Let me help ya out. Over night the facility where all the Rams football equipment is kept was flooded with 40 inches of San Marcos River water, the head Coaches house with 15 inches of River water and three players had their homes flooded with River water.

Lifegate lost a student to a two year battle against cancer, and the field was soft but not too awful sloppy. The game was called lopsided by the stripes and each time SMHC got on a roll the crew would step in and slow down the play. Ridiculous! The stick guys were too involved with the fans and actually came into the fans to confront during a timeout.
But in the end the score told tbe story and the Victory was nailed by a Senior.
So go ahead make your predictions, but come to a game and see what this TEAM is about.


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What I meant was if it was a final score or if time was still on the clock. I live in Minnesota, so going to a game is not going to happen. Also, I picked SMHC to win the district a couple weeks ago. Really not understanding the hostility.


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May have been directed incorrectly but wow my boys have been given no props. So I sincerely apologize for jumping down your throat Warrior. I posted the score on TAPPSTER so now maybe some of the locals will begin to figure out who I am when I am at my part time gig! For now keep ridin the wave Warrior and you will be a happy pigskin prognosticator.