un-biased version of the rankings


Six-man expert
I have an un-biased version of my rankings that is solely determined by wins and losses and not by how much you win or lose by. It does not calculate point spreads but rather the percentage chance for a certain team to win... I have run it two different ways (one with the preseason ratings and one with everyone starting at 200)

Both have actually come up with Throckmorton being the favorite, 53% to 47%, meaning they have a 53% chance of winning...

Richland Springs is a 60% to 40% favorite to 58% to 42% favorite in the DII game...

I have no data to support any of this and haven't tested it predictability... I may this evening.
meant to add this version treats all games equally. my official version treats recent games a little more importantly
Either way boss you do a great job. Official or unofficially you are the master!!! We appreciate the hard work you put in each day week and year. Great site and keep it up.