Nice catch, Falcon. That ranking is a little odd considering they lost to the #4th ranked team in their Division. Somebody doesn’t like ACS…

I smell a conspiracy 😂
That would be accusing Oz of complicity. That the toy is compromised. I doubt that.
No I preciate all Mike does.
Don’t watch too much NFL anymore. Collincaperidiot screwed that up. Do watch college but if you are not an east coast team notre dame Ohio state penn state maybe a few others, good luck with that. Midwest teams are not getting any love especially Texas teams. All political.
I think the “toy” is about as accurate as it’s gonna get. Not perfect, never has been, probably never will be. Just a tool. Makes it interesting to see whats up from week to week.
Maybe Azle Christian was a little over-rated as well. Went to the district showdown with FWCC, and they got blown out 54-8 one play into the third quarter. I got there one minute after the kick-off and Covenant was already up 6-0.
Then again, maybe Covenant is still a little under-rated. Azle has a solid team with three quality runners. They will be a hard out, come playoff time. Covenant was just hitting on all cylinders tonight. Especially in the first quarter, putting up 38 before Azle could kinda regroup a little.
I know people get on here and talk about Covenant not running and having a gimmick offense. But that passing attack is methodical. They just carve you up. I mean the quick game, Mid-range and deep. Briley can make all the throws and they have a deep and balanced receiving corp, led by Jewett. Yes, he gets the most targets, but the rest of that crew does plenty of damage as well..
They just take what you give them. They can drive it down the field 6 or 7 plays for a score, and then come back and hit the home run. It really is a treat to watch. It's like Mike Leach is coaching six-man.
Plus, their schedule clearly has paid off in preparing them for big games and a run into the playoffs. I plan to be at the Faustina-Covenant game in two weeks. That will be for the district title. Should be a good game.