Blum has shown a vast improvement as well.

In the private sector:

Athens Prep has improved greatly

Heath Fulton seems to be doing a lot better

Just some thoughts.
I have to agree on Rankin, going from a 3-7 regular season record, to the level they are performing at now is a pretty big turn around. Most of their kids are starting for the third year in a row I believe, they are a pretty salty team to face this year from what I have seen.
After what I have seen the last 2 1/2 games I'm throwing in the young team from Rochelle. They beat panther creek 78-32 tonight and they are really buying in to Coach Phillips, so awesome to see these boys play with heart and passion.
I watched Prairie Lea snap a two year losing streak last night. Even though they may not be amoung the elite, they are much improved from last year. If they stay healthy, they could supprise some folks. When San Marcos did not 45 them, I new something was up. Good luck to the Prairie Lea Indians!
A few of us decided to go down to odonnell and watch that game. we quickly got kind of bored so went to klondike shortly after that game started. From what i saw i think that team from new home has basically got the crap physically beat out of them. The clean hardest hits i have seen in a long time. I know three kids from new home are extremely sore today , one taken off on stretcher to hospital before half. I want to see film from this game, damn that was a brutal but clean hit.That one sophmore kid can really hit hard, and their seniors even more. Would it be posted anywhere. This team klondike should replace odonnell as most improved , klondike won 1 game last year . This year beating all others except top class. Last night they said they were bottom of standings last year, now next to top. That is a big improvement. Now they may not win much more against borden co, sands, but well improved from what i saw and people told me.
I think Everyone can Agree on Rankin as the biggest turnaround. From a 3-7 team to a team that elite school can't afford to take lightly.