Great Season Abbott!


11-man fan
Abbott players keep your head up, you had a great season. You guys played with a lot of heart. All of us Abbott alumni and fans are very proud of you. Congratulations on a great season! Seniors you did a great job of leading the way this year. Everyone showed great sportsmanship and that says a lot for your team and coaching staff. Congratulations Throckmorton and good luck at state. Panthers, I know you guys will come back even stronger next season. Great job Panthers, now let's go win back to back district titles in basketball and go deep into the playoffs like last season!
I thought after the first half that it might turn out to be a nail-biter. If Abbott scores on their first possession of the second half, I think it would've went to the wire. Great job Abbott!!
Great season Abbott Panthers, we are very proud of you all. Yall played with alot of heart and showed that you were worthy of being there. Very close hard fought game. Congratulations to Throckmorton on a good win. Great team, great sportsmanship. I hope that the young man that got injured is ok. Good luck in state.
Congrats panthers, it was a great season. Making it to semis was a great accomplishment and y'all should be proud of yourselves. Props to throck for a good game.
I told u guys Abbott would lose....haha!!!!!!! Perhaps 45'd if the young man from throck wouldn't have had such a devastating injury...but we a knew Abbott was outmatched
David1995":3q9pi87k said:
I told u guys Abbott would lose....haha!!!!!!! Perhaps 45'd if the young man from throck wouldn't have had such a devastating injury...but we a knew Abbott was outmatched
David, would it kill you to not make yourself look like a total idiot? I guess it makes you feel like a big, a grown man getting on here and talking s*** about a team of teenagers. I hope your not like this in the real world in all aspects of your life, cause if you are that's just sad.
Drove out from Leveretts Chapel to watch the game.It was a great game.Outcome may have been different if Russell hadn't been injured. May not have been?who knows?Abbott should be proud.Congrats on a great season from Leveretts Chapel.
This thread sums you up David. Every comment on here is something positive. Even CowboyP had something positive to say and I respect that. As well as the guy from Leveretts. Thank you both for recognizing how difficult it is to get to this point. And you say that Abbott might have got 45'd if the guy from trock doesn't get hurt?? Did you happen to see how many carries Russell got? Im not one to make excuses but the guy did have 573 and 10 scores the week before. And if you wanna get down to it, it was really a 16 point game since the trock guy was a good 3 yards past the line on their last TD. At the end of the day Abbott has been to the semis 2 out of the last 4 years. I'll take my chances with them winning one before long if they can keep that up. And finally, I will continue to respect the opinion on here of ABD (anyone but DAVID).
Thanks for the words...nothing like rustling up sum Abbott supporters and pissing them off royally. And ill lay off abbott for a change, they went a long ways abd did good anyways. But please read the non sports related topic about our deputies getting shot. Please pray for these guys and their families and their full recovery. Football is awesome and I know we don't see eye to eye but these are OUR deputies so all BS aside, please pray for these two men. Football is great but not always on path, but prayer is universal and they all go to the "one" thanks guys.