Head for the Hills

Well well well, it’s about that time ladies and gents!

I got to watch the Milford and Gordon game and I was really impressed with how boring it was! Almost like there’s no defense in the game anymore! Coach Reid might get a phone call from me on how to get those boys in the right position next week against Abbott!

It has been a very fun week down here in south Texas at Abbott, and I am very excited to watch Coach Bagdon and those puppies cry all the way home tonight! I truly feel like I put in the best possible game plan for Union Hills tonight. It’s up to the Panthers to execute!

I hope Coach Bagdon got a good nights rest, I know he had nightmares about Terrance Crawford all night long! He might need the referees or JMD to cuddle him back to sleep after the 45 point whopping tonight! Get ready for a whole lot of Panther rushing attack tonight! I’ve changed up Terry C’s blocking schemes just a bit, and now we’ll be walking in touchdowns against the pours Hills defense!

I have to agree on the close games between Bynum and Iredell, and Newcastle and Benjamin! I’ll take the dragons(because that’s a cool mascot) and I’ll take Newcastle because I’m a big fan of fairy tales and castles. Also because QUEEN OF HEARTS could be knocked down a few pegs! That guy thinks he knows it all!

Good luck to everyone on their games tonight! I’ll be celebrating with the Panthers all night!