Good Joints to Eat At

The Assassin

11-man fan
I am going to the RS-Calvert game on Friday and was wondering if anybody knew of a good place to eat at between Brownwood and Lampasas.
Here's what is in Goldthwaite from a friend who knows...

"There is a place called Peabody's on mainstreet on the right about 2 blocks after the first red light.

There is also a BBQ place that is at the first right you can take before the first red light.

And a place called Mary's but i'm not sure where in Big G that is...supposed to be good Mexican food though. Shouldn't be hard to find."
Sounds pretty good to me Granger. I don't know about you but I like these small mom and pop places, they seem to cook better homecooked food. Plus I like helping out the little man and not these chain big business type resturants. Appreciate all that you do.
If you are passing through Goldthwaite, Mills County BBQ is definitely worth a stop. The 3 meat platter with 1 side will feed 2 easily and is some of the best 'q I have ever eaten.
By the way Mary's is south of g'waite at the top of the hill. Pretty good groceries there also.