Local places on the road for good food


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Since I seem to be on the road a lot going here and there I thought we might post a few recomendations.

Here's the first - In Wellington ( Texas Panhandle), Miss Piggy's - a great little BBQ place. When I catch them open I always stop and grab a couple of piggy burgers, small chopped beef with onion and pickle on the side, sweet BBQ and just about the right size for road eating. A bit farther north and there is Mitchells Resturant in Shamrock, feel good food from a old time style dinner. The double cheese burger is HUGE. The chicken fried steak is likewise.


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Sands Motel Cafe in Van Horn. Great Breakfast. 2 eggs, hash browns, toast or biscuits, slab (and I mean SLAB ) of ham for $6.00. Great after a long drive. They even have a "Table of Knowledge".


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THIS could be a book if you get enough replies. I can name lots of places in Austin, and other major and smaller Texas cities for a wide variety of food, from the Comfort food of Threadgill's, the Trendy (and expensive) Sushi of UCHI to the unique BBQ of the Salt Lick. But no town over 5,000 and no meal over $10, now that is more than just a fun idea, it's a damn good Public Service!

There are more weary Travelers than just those in the Six Man community who would benefit and love the idea. Sounds like a Laura Wilson style coffee table book to me, or maybe Carlton Stowers (Where Dreams Die Hard) would like to take this one on? With of course the able assistance of this message board's contributors.

Keep sending those recommendations, I'm keepin a list! Copy/paste, copy/paste - Thanks - ALAN


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Big G's in Tuscola. Its right by the school. I have not had anything bad in there! I always get an app of Fried Green Tomatos! They are the best!

The Homeplace outside of Tuscola is also very good, a family style joint. They have the cheesiest mac & cheese on the planet!


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Don't know if you want to include BBQ but if so why not just say Llano, Tx. Cooper's, Laird's, Inman's. All different styles all good. We also tried a little joint out on 29 East called "Roadhouse or Roadside". Menu has everything from burgers to Mexican. Family run and very good. If you happen to be in Llano on a Sunday afternoon, Fuel Coffee House off the courthouse square has FREE burgers from 5-6 PM or until they last.


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SavannahSixManFan":1y44pwfp said:
smokeyjoe53, Free always leads as a great tagline, if the food is good... when you say while they last, that side of the equation is answered...
Yep, Free is good. Here is the URL for the place in Llano. http://fuelcoffeehouse.wordpress.com/
Savannah, you may know one of the guys who entertained last Thursday. Kent Finlay, he is from Fife. I've known Darrell since the mid '70's. Interesting couple of guys.
smokeyjoe53, I've heard the name but I don't recall if I ever met Kent in person. Seems like he got going in the late 70's with his music and his Brady Lake Music Fest in known in parts near and far.


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Storm's Hamburgers? Multiple locations. I've only tried the one in Hamilton. It's been several years but I remember a pretty good burger, really good breakfast. Locals must like it, good crowd.


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Storm's has been good as long as I can remember. Mr. Storm used to buy at least weekly at the local auction in Lampasas to ensure fresh beef. The "Football Special" was really good. 3 patties with fresh cut fries for under 5 bucks. I dont think they still offer that.


The Coffee Station in Crawford Texas is a great visit. Lots of great food named after the former first family and wonderful memorabilia throughout. Can always find an old timer to talk football with also. 6 man schools nearby: Oglesby, Cranfills Gap, Walnut Springs, Iredell, Peneolpe, Aquilla, and a few others on the way.


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For those heading to Hico, I would recommend Rock House BBQ out on the north end of town. Pecan-smoked brisket is worth the drive - from anywhere!


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Yes, Mary's is well known for CFS.
I still think the Holland Hill Raquet and Washer Pitching Kitchen serves palatable portions of CFS as well.


smokeyjoe53":26fn2nv5 said:
Yes, Mary's is well known for CFS.
I still think the Holland Hill Raquet and Washer Pitching Kitchen serves palatable portions of CFS as well.

But only the top echelons of society can dine at aforesaid mentioned HHR&WPK, from what I have heard whispered softly among the great unwashed (which reminds me, tonight is my washing night ... au resivor, mon sewer..)


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Mary's does have the BIGGEST
large order CFS.
But it's only just as good as any other.
No need for a special trip.
She has several Texas sized items on the menu.
For those of you who aren't driving
she also has a new "beer garden/patio".

But, I think the coolest thing
is she has pictures from around the world
of people wearing a Mary's t-shirt.
I was watching the local news
the other day and the lady they were interviewing
was standing there in a dad gum Mary's Cafe shirt.