Local places on the road for good food


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if you like greay spoons then we will eat at Howell's in springtown.....................bring some MAALOX


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Hoot'n holler BBQ in Whitney. They're at the corner of FM 933 & HWY 22.
Good BBQ & they donate to Aquilla's Booster Club.


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Looking to be stopping in Throckmorton Friday week for a late lunch or early dinner while en-route to Aspermont vs Rule game. Any recommendations? Not looking for fast food places, sit down dining, special local fare type of place.


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Pete you really should consider stopping in Graham. I'm not sure but I think there are only 2 cafes in throck and depending on the time of day they might be closed.
The Wildcatter in Graham is pretty good and there is an Italian place that's OK also.


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Might consider Sandersons, a local favorite of some. Went there once years ago after a wedding in Olney. Can't remember what I had, but it was crowded and I do remember talking afterwards about it being good and for not a whole lotta dinero.


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I'd like to throw in my nomination for Butch's Brick Pit BBQ just south of Calvert on Highway 6. Me and the boy stopped in late Friday afternoon on our way down to Aggieland. Boy had the chopped beef sandwich and I had the Butch's Bucket - a big ol' bowl of dirty rice, charro beans, chopped brisket, melted cheese with a slice of onion, pickles, sour cream and a couple of the tastiest cornbread muffins I've had in a while. We also split a half order of pig sicles....I mean ribs. Awesome. All together we got out for under $20 and worth every penny.


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Managed to stop in Greyhound land at the Between the Forks/Perch Trap cafe. At least it's easy to find, stop ate the stop sign in the middle of town and it's going to be on one corner. Hint- It's not co-located with the Alsups.

Had the chicken fry steak, fries and sweet tea. Sweet tea was good, fries were hot - hot, hot, hot, but tasty, was a little disappointed in the chicken fried steak, not bad just not the best I ever had, finished most of it. I'll give them another shot but unless it's better I'll most likely look somewhere else.

Nice wait staff, clean and an interesting place to visit. Lots of dead animals with horns on the wall. maybe next time I try some of the fish as near as I can tell, its two restaurants in one.


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If you go to any of oakwoods home games the Rusty cactus isnt too bad of a stop before the game. And if you have a designated driver go after the game for a few friday night drinks. good fun except for the fact that your team just got 45d by oakwood. lol. good luck all.


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Underwoods Cafeteria in Brownwood TX!!!

They do close at 9 PM.

They have been in business for over 60 years. They must doing something right.