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    Coaching Carousel 2022

    Who filled Kingdom Prep and where did their coach go?
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    UIL Legislative Council - June 14

    Not a fan. If you don't like a team stalling then go stop it
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    Most Anticipated Games of 2022

    I have seen it myself. I don't think its right. Was just saying but we all know when you start blocking transfers then they will start blocking ones coming to you. If you change jobs your children should be able to go and be eligible
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    Most Anticipated Games of 2022

    Strawn can always check moved for athletic purposes. Just because you take a new job at another district doesn't automatically make your kid eligible.
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    Azle Christian games needed

    We are looking for a boys varsity home or away game Nov 26 and a home game Dec 17 or 18th. Call or text Ryan Rollins 8179015932
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    Basketball team camps

    Any summer team camps/tourneys going on this summer? 817-901-5932
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    Open Baseball. Tues April 19th

    Azle Christian School is looking for a baseball game Tues April 19th. Looking for home game or will travel within reason. Text me please Ryan Rollins 8179015932
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    Early Predictions

    I believe its district 1 being split
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    Early Predictions

    Give us your Division 3 predictions
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    Azle Christian basketball 22/23

    Azle Christian boys are looking for basketball games and a couple of tournaments for 22/23. Please text Ryan Rollins 817-901-5932
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    Team Logos

    Azle Christian School
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    Onside kicks and high score games.

    I absolutely agree with you. We had one hurt this yr from onsides also
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    Basketball game needed 1/21

    Azle Christian School boys are looking for a basketball game Friday 1/21. We can host or travel within reason. Ryan Rollins 8179015932
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    Way Too Early Preseason POLL

    FWCC is growing but I don't think as fast as people think. They are only moving up to Div 2