Injuries are apart the game. Don’t act like 2021 Water Valley.

It all starts with the OL blocking. If they can’t slow WB down the play never gets off. WB strength was way to much for Abbott.

I like how everyone was saying Westbrook don’t have a pass game. 31 was dropping dimes and making that number 1 d look silly.
injuries are a part of the game.. I understand that. That's all you hear from Westbrook about their losses the past 2 years. Winning state is all about being really good, and being fortunate the timing of it all works out. Westbrook has been really really good and been fortunate enought to stay healthy at the right time the last couple of years
Congrats to WB on another stellar year and another State Championship. I said this last year and after watching the state game this year I will say it again. WB is a class act. That starts with the Coaches and filters through the school admin and students right on into the community. Coach Matlock hats off to you sir. That’s how you help shape kids into athletes but more importantly into young men. Good luck going forward unless it’s May your playing then not so much. Lol