I also have Westbrook by 8, but I don't think I'd be surprised either way. Abbott has really proved the doubters wrong over the last couple of weeks. If Abbott wins by 8, I don't think I'd be surprised either.
If they both stay healthy it will be a good one . If 1 player goes down from either side it could get sloppy quick . That’s just how six man works . Loosing 1 player can spoil your whole season
The closes game I have seen was last year may and Westbrook . That was a good one for sure . Any state games come down to the last second

The closest sixman game I've ever seen was the 2003 semifinal between Strawn and Richland Springs. Strawn won 56-54 on the (fourth down) last play of the game, by about six inches. For their first trip to the big dance ever. We rushed the field.
This one is a hard pick for me im going to wait till the night before the game to pick. See westbrook has #4 who is fast and shifty and makes plays on defense with #3 who is also fast then you got their QB the coaches son who can extend the play when passing. But on Abbott side you have #6 who's a sophomore if I'm not mistaken who is fast with I think #7. Abbott has a very good defense who kind let up vs IC last week. I think whoever wins is the team with the ball last.

I pray that all the teams coaches fans traveling get there safe and have an injury free game