Week 1 Predictions

John Holmes

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Warrior, be careful WC week one team is the 62 rank team in UIL Div II. They are ranked 128th out of 137 uil sixman teams. They are no powerhouse, probably a patsy for wildcard points. I hope WC did look good and had no mistakes. WC did get them a much better coach for this year and hopefully he can push them a little better. good luck to yall.


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John Holmes:
I realize Benjamin is no powerhouse, but beating any UIL D2 school that badly in a half can't be described as "looking like crap". That was my point.

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Hey Lumberjane! I don't live near the "Living Legend". I want to be neighbors with Davey Boy. I would have said the Samurai Warrior but I heard he moved up North and I don't do the cold very well. I have thinner skin in my old retirement age.

Hey war horse, ask any coach week one and I bet they say they need to improve, whether it was a lose to the #1 team or a win against the #137 team. I will agree with Magic Mike 3xl and say yall got a lot better coach in Johnson.

Lover Boy, I retired from coaching many moons ago.

Good Luck Boys and Girls!