Richland Springs Wins big


RS scored twice in the final 2 minutes of the half, came out, kick-off to the 10, caused a fumble and ran it in for a MERCY RULE touchdown. They were on a mission in all areas of the game. Strawn scored twice on long passes. They never quit trying.


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Hat's off to them. They were pretty dominant against a very good Strawn team. A lot of teams out there have never made it to a state semi final. Three years in a row is pretty impressive.
I would say good luck against Motley County but I don't think they will need it.


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Lane Shannon may be the best defensive player in the state!! Matt Rigdon is a game changer, it don’t matter what role u use him in or don’t use him in, if that kids on the field something special will happen. RS is Rolling to number 9 with ease! I called it weeks ago they are way to deep and talented


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I couldn't tell if strawns pants were red or if that was just a chapped a$$ from getting taken behind the woodshed. Wow. Facts. Hats off to a great And always well coached Strawn team. If this RS team plays as one unit and individually accepts their role. They decide their fate. On point, great moves by the coaching staff to “shuffle” some things around and the product shows. Made in RSTX. And the beat goes on. Kill ‘em All

P.S. don’t you wish RS didn’t play a powder puff schedule?? (That makes a team tougher though huh?)


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Something outsiders don’t understand is how Richland Springs has a spirit of excellence in their program. Whether you love or hate Rogers and Burkhart, you can not deny their excellence.

I haven’t been around the Sixman game in years until this season. I could only watch a few Leakey games because that spirit of excellence doesn’t exist there (yet).

You must build a culture of excellence if you want to see sustainable success like the RS dynasty.

#4 is the backbone of the team. He’s like the Jerome Bettis of Sixman. He reminds me of Emery Dudensing of Rule.

#10 played like the Shelby Smith (#5 of the Tyler Ethridge era) last night.

I wasn’t impressed by the throwing of #22. He didn’t look like a spread back to me. Made some excellent plays but just isn’t a spread back. That’s okay. You’ve got an excellent offensive coordinator in Rogers.

I thought this game would be closer having watched Strawn play Gordon the week before. I hadn’t seen RS play this year. It was refreshing to see how dominant they were.

Young coaches ought to take notes. If you want to build the next Sixman dynasty, you’ve got to build a culture of excellence. What comes with that is attention to details, film study, weight room acumen, a sense of urgency, a heightened sense of focus and determination, intense focus in practices, and just a drag out, balls to the wall effort all year around to physically and mentally dominate you in every facet of the game.

Thus you get last nights game and 9 State Championships.

It’s duplicatable anywhere if you humble yourself as a coach and exalt Christ into your program.

Sadly, I just don’t see this spirit of excellence in the majority of the Sixman community. That’s why you always see the Borden Counties, Richland Springs, and Strawns consistently at the top. They’ve tapped into this principle.


Hey young man hope all is well.All young coaches take note,hopefully you were taking notes, I truly see you one day as the HC at RS,you certainly have the skins on the wall to take it on.Good luck to all the sixman community.


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markf":3a128eor said:
Hey young man hope all is well.All young coaches take note,hopefully you were taking notes, I truly see you one day as the HC at RS,you certainly have the skins on the wall to take it on.Good luck to all the sixman community.

I would have to finish my degree in order for that to ever happen. That’s just not my desire in this season of my life. I do have plans to do some individual consulting with coaches in Sixman. I’m speaking to a couple right now.

My vision is much broader than just coaching sports. I have great love for the sixman community more now than ever though. I’m already a coach just in a different way.

I want to see this spirit of excellence in every sixman school. It’s great to see dominant eras like Richland Springs and Strawn, but I believe the principles applied in these programs can be duplicated in every program. IF the administration, community, and coaching staff buys into it.

That’s a big IF but I believe humility is the beginning phase of this process. One of the coaches I’m consulting right now has the “It factor.” Mix that with him being a fellow brother in Christ makes this consulting process 100% easier. I’m going to reveal everything I know to this guy, and I’ll do the same to anyone else willing to listen. Because the things I know were never meant for me to keep.

Here’s something I said to a coach last night that is my philosophy:

Inside all of us is a divine blueprint of success. The kingdom is within us. We access it by faith. As we access it, it comes out differently for every man because God in His awesomeness and creativity has that ability to distribute different blueprints of success for every single human being who ever was, is, and will ever be. That’s has vast and awesome God is.

So for you, God wants to use you to build a program that is as successful as the Richland dynasty. He doesn’t favor RS over other programs.

The point is this: stop focusing on RS and begin to access this blueprint God has already given you. Once you access it, everything around you turns to gold like Donald J. Trump.