Mid-Season Check Up

Shortround, Thanks for the clarification of your opinion which everyone is entitled too, no doubt.
Guess we will have some more answers come Friday & then again for the rematch in Seguin.
Baylor is a great School & wish you best of luck in your education.


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Sorry GT!...I didnt know we were playing spin the bottle or pass the bottle...
My name is Bob Jeter...My friends and family call me Junebug...I enjoy spending time on the front porch with my sugar glider, Big Shug.....I enjoy watching reruns of Doogie Howser MD, (who would have thought he would turn out, oh wait better not go there) love to watch midget wrestling, and talking to siri on my phone.....also enjoy playing pong on my Atari in my spare time...

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Well nice to met you Bobby! Sorry but Bonanza is where it is at. Well looks like we ain't in hiding anymore Johnny and Bobby.

Prickly Bear Sully


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My name is Donny and I love hot food, cold drinks, and old westerns. When I am home I am a Dad. The rest of the time I work. Hope everyone feels warm and fuzzy

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Hi Donny

All we need now is Leo, Mikey and Rapheal.

This thread has gone cold I guess. Can't wait for the games this week.