How does Miami spell TEAM?


(CNN) – In a declaration laden with veiled jabs at NBA all star LeBron James, Ohio Gov. John Kasich on Monday declared the Dallas Mavericks honorary Ohioans.
The move came less than 24 hours after the Mavericks defeated James and the Miami Heat in game six of the NBA Finals to win their first ever NBA championship.
Dirk: Yo, Lebron, you got change for a dollar?
Lebron: No prob Dirk, here u go.
Dirk: Hey you only gave me 75 cents!
Lebron: Sorry, I didn’t bring a fourth quarter…….
Today is National LeBron James Day. Everyone gets to leave work 12 minutes early!

Why didn't LeBron James go to college? He didn't want to show up for finals.

Maybe LeBron should try hockey. The NHL only has three periods.
Apple just introudced a new version of the iPhone, the LeBron iPhone. You can only set it on vibrate because it doesn't have a ring.

Isn't LeBron a French name? 'Cause they usually lose, too.
If LeBron wanted a ring so bad, he could have just stayed in Ohio and bought one from Tyrelle Pryor

LeBron auditioned to be the new Most Interesting Man in the World for the Dos Equis commercials. his slogan is "I don't always miss shots, but when I do I prefer the game to be the on the line"
Lebron Clampett

Come and listen to the story of a man named LeBron
A High School kid who really had it going on
Then one day shooting hoops with his crew
and up from his agent all the offers flew.
Cleveland.....that is... Black Gold, NBA Money
Well the first thing you know LeBron's a millionaire
His agent said "Cleveland, get the hell out of there"
He said Florida is the place you outta be
so he loaded up the Porsche and he moved to Miami
Swimming' pools, Dwayne Wade
But now it's time to say good-bye to LeBron and all his kin
and the NBA would like to thank you all for dropping in
you're all invited back next year to this locality
the watch the Biggest loser that you'll will ever see.
Ya all come back now, hear..,,