11-man fan
Where should I eat in Hico? Never been there, but I am going for the big event tomorrow. Is there anything there worth eating? Or should I just eat at the Dairy Queen? Do they even have a Dairy Queen?
Definately eat at the Koffee Kup Family Restaraunt
(formerly Koffee Kup Kafe). It's going to be crazy packed during
lunch and dinner hours though.
It's right across from the big gas station on the main road.
If you don't want to fight the crowds & you're willing to drive 15-20 minutes south on 281, Storm's in Hamilton serves a great burger and is always worth the stop.
The big Gas station in HIco is Rangler's and I used to work there. They have a pizza Inn and also a deli Section where they can make pretty much anything to your hearts desire. Also, Kevin and Debra (The Cooks in the Afternoon) make thrilling Hamburgers... This comes with High recommendation...