Hico classic

It was fun while it lasted. I think that they depended on business sponsors to underwrite the cost of holding the five games on Saturday. For two years they had the biggest screen I have ever seen that was hauled in on a semi. It was set up on the west end of the stadium, you could sit under a shade on the east end and watch the entire game including replays just like you were watching TV at home. Fun times!!
From what I’ve heard, it was started to help fundraise the remodel of their stadium and facility, which it accomplished and was no longer needed. However Hico still hosts 6-man playoff games
Somewhere like Dublin would be a great spot possibly for teams on the east side of the bracket. You could make 4 or 5 great games with teams like
Abbott, Aquilla, Blum, Coolidge, May, Jonesboro, Richland Springs, Cherokee, Milford, Strawn, Gordon, Union Hill, Fort Worth Thesa, and Fort Worth Covenant to name a few.

Now I get not all of these teams are always on the east side, but you get the point.
Or maybe there’s something that goes on that I don’t know about. Gorman put one on a few years ago. Maybe they still do.
About 4-5 years ago at a playoff game in Hico I talked to a guy serving burgers. Said I really enjoyed Sixman Saturday's, wished they still did those. He said it got hard to get enough volunteers after a few years.