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For a lot longer than I care to think about I have been working on a ranking system aka ‘a toy’. It is based on last years power rankings that I tabulated and then influenced by enrollment, last years district standing, lettermen lost, returning, and starters returning. The last 4 items are taken out of DCTF so blame him if the rankings do go the way you want.

After a lot of regression testing and trying to quantify the influence on each of these areas, I think I have my system ready to run. It will get better as time goes on as I recessively apply corrections in a 4 week moving window so hopefully towards the end of the season I will have a good ranking system. I tested the system during last years play offs and only missed 5 games. So I am going public this year.

It’s not rocket science, but seems pretty damn close to it. Anyway, I haven’t done anything with the tapps or independents. I don’t have a clue how one can harness that much data, just doing div 1 and 2 is kicking my butt. I will try to bring those teams on line this year.

So here is the first run aka preseason rankings. If this can be kept up I’ll do it all year but if work gets in the way, well I do like the paycheck. I will try to predict upcoming game as well so we can all take big ol jabs when I miss.

Lometa 1
Rochelle 2
Evant 3
Prairie Lea 4
Your hearing is pretty good. We'll see how well it works out on Thursday in Zephyr. One thing for sure -- we'll all be hot!(temp of course)
Brown7, thanks for the score. Evant 56 Cranfills Gap 8
What's your take on the Elks or is it still too early to tell?
Thanks for any input.
Jonesboro 50 - Rochelle 0, looks like a long season starting for the Hornets.

Goopy, you the ex-coyote they talking about, taking them youn-uns under your wing...er boat oar, and trying to mold them into a winner?
Don't be so hard on em Savannah, remember these boys r young, and r waiting for some to come back from injuries, this coach they got has them going in the right direction. I think by end of year u will be pleased with how the season turns out.
and. . . . . . for the first time in forever, these young hornets actually like a coyote (their coach) and that should go a long way in seeing some improvement and success for them this year
Future, I missed the game. I live in Savannah Georgia but graduated from Rochelle many moons ago. I did get a chance to watch Rochelle play Penelope in the playoffs last year on my way back to visit family and friends last year for Thanksgiving. Rochelle lost 70-24 and ended up 4-7.
Well i'm sorry to hear that. I did not catch the games at Zephyr either.

I was referring to people picking Rochelle as the district champ.

I graduated from lometa not so many moons ago.

Its cool to know that sixman has fans across the country.

Picks for this week

Lometa over Austin Christian Homeschool by 45
Zephyr over Rochelle by 35
Round Rock Christian over Prairie lea by 45
Evant over Star by 45

I really hope i am wrong about a couple of these. Gee i hate picking a private christian school over any public school! Good luck to all the teams in the district this weekend. Play hard and be safe!
What's your take on the Elks or is it still too early to tell?

I havent really attended a game yet. My son graduated last year so I dont watch as much as I probably should. But good luck Elks!!
I understand. Thanks for getting the scores in early.
It seems Evant is pretty much repeating last year. Hope that changes next week.
For what it's worth :)

Evant vs Iredell --- Iredell by 1 ( actuall the systems say 1.14)
Prairie Lea vs SA The Winston --- SA The Winston by 45
Rochelle vs Blanket --- Rochelle by 3.08
Zephyr vs Lometa --- Lometa by 35.76
olderelk":atm3ythv said:
I understand. Thanks for getting the scores in early.
It seems Evant is pretty much repeating last year. Hope that changes next week.

Thanks for the well wishes, but unfortunately it is running the same course.

Iredell 60
Evant 16