Duke vs Butler


Six-man pro
WOW. What a finals!

I really expected Duke to take the game, and even with 3 minutes left, I figured when Butler couldn't score and Duke had a 5 pt lead and the ball, the game was over. Well, as occasionally happens (usually only in days ending in y), I was wrong.

Nearly a David vs Goliath story, but as I told somebody once, ol' Goliath was everything-and-zero going into that match, if David doesn't get a lucky shot with the rock, we ain't ever gonna hear about that David dude in the Bible, either.

But you know, something I watch the NCAA finals for is their closing, "One Shining Moment." I even got the song on CD around here somewhere. The moment the game ends, they can't get to that quick enough to suit me. But this year's STUNK ON ICE. I really don't need to see a half dozen shots of Jennifer Hudson (an excellent singer, by the way) recording the song. I really want to see basketball highlights (and there were very few of the final game). They were awfully heavy on cheerleader shots (not that I don't mind looking at pretty girls, sadly, all young enough to be my daughters or granddaughters) and whoever was in charge of the volume on Jennifer's voice needs to learn there is a way to INCREASE the volume of her singing. I've sung louder at church on songs I don't even know the tune to ...

But a great basketball game. Everybody left everything on the floor. Well, except for the doofus from CBS responsible for the closing ...
PCPete":1b9kfbca said:
LGSports - David didn't get a "lucky" shot. If you remember, He had some help guiding the stone.

Yeah, I'll give you that. God has his favorites ... David, the Green Bay Packers, and a few others. Occasionally, he roots for Notre Dame. Mainly 'cause they named the school after Jesus' mom.

But reports at the time from Goliath's camp called it a "lucky shot." Also, from what I heard, the bookies over on the Phillistines side of the hill took a bath on bets that night ...