Week 3 Big Game: Calvert vs Borden County in Zephyr


Week 3 Big Game

DI Borden County (2-0) v DII Calvert (2-0) – @ Zephyr Friday Sept 15th 5:30pm

It’s another great DI v DII matchup that is your classic size v speed showdown. The speedy DII Calvert Trojans defeated DI ranked Coolidge last week, with what has become a Calvert signature. The Trojans poured it on with a huge 2nd half, while the large and in charge Borden County Coyotes shutout yet another opponent in Austin Veritas, 60-0.

Last year, these two battled in an epic game, which ended with eventual DI state champions Borden County’s only defeat on the season, as Calvert, coming back from a large 1st half deficit, walked away with the 62-60 victory.

There is no doubt scheduling these big regular season games helps both teams involved, as they strive to get better. Calvert HC Chris Bennett puts it this way. “It’s very important to schedule a tough opponent like Borden County to get our team ready for district and lord willing our playoff run.” Borden County’s HC Trey Richey adds that at this point in the season they are only worried about getting better and “playing a team like Calvert will do just that.”

So, what can we expect this season? Probably a lot of the same thing we witnessed last year; Borden County coming out strong, with Calvert adjusting well and making a comeback in the 2nd half.

However, the question will be: Can Borden County sustain the classic Calvert come back?

Last year the Coyotes were struggling through some injuries and this season they are in better shape overall as a team. All-State Defensive MVP Trace Richey will play a huge role at the safety position and will need to help force a turnover or two, to alleviate any possible pressure on the Coyotes offense.

Calvert will probably have some new looks, as the Trojans have a new coaching staff and new backfield. James Green will try to replicate the success that Jaquan Thompson had against the Coyotes pass defense last year. If you recall Thompson threw for 429 yards and four touchdowns, while rushing for 155 yards and three more touchdowns. Last week was Green’s best performance. Against a highly ranked DI team Coolidge, he was 18-19-0 for 235 yards and five touchdowns through the air. It will take another similar-type performance for the Trojans to win this week.

Keys to the Game:
In this prognosticators opinion, for Borden County it is secondary play and open field tackling. For Calvert, it is putting pressure on the Coyotes offensively and defensively making them play on their heels.

However, the biggest factor in this game may very well be special teams play, and Borden County has one of the best PAT kickers in the state in Easton Edwards, who was the 1st team All-State kicker last season. It took a herculean effort by Jaquan Thompson last season to beat the Coyotes and I’m not sure that performance can be replicated. With that said, I think we see some great offensive performances, but Borden County’s defense and special teams do just enough to win this nail biter of a game.

Regardless of the outcome, this will be another great regular season game fans of the game love to see and talk about, yet really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Probably the best take on this and any big non-district regular season game came from coach Richey, when he said, “winning and losing this game is not going to define this season. (It’s) How we grow and become the best team, teammates, coaches, leaders and mentors we can be.”

Well said coach Richey… well said.


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Old76er":369vm1dp said:
BC by 20 easy
Calvert is a totally different team without Jaquan
TOTALLY, SOUNDS SO 80'S, of course each team changes from year to year, even the ones that don't lose any players. Ever see a team with ALL their players back struggle the next year? This game will be a test no matter who wins.....


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Congrats to BC. I thought it would have been a been a little more of a game. I thought BC would win by 30 but nothing like this. I have alot of respect for the kids at BC.


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Absolutely the best defensive performance I've ever seen from BC!! Not talking trash about Calvert by no means. But to hold a pass talented team like that to 0 points is something else!


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On an equally exciting topic.... when was the last time Calvert was goose-egged? That has to be an exciting notch in the belt for BC.


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The defense has not let up a single point so far this year. Coach Edwards has these young men ready every week. The scary thing is, I think they might bebetter then last years defense. I don't know exactly how many tackles for a lost there were against Calvert but there was a lot. It really surprised all of us. Keep it up BC!!


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I think it will be a good game, but the way Valley came back on them and Richland Springs (without Tipie) scored on them. Our defense is better than it was last year. I think BC wins again.


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Be a good game for sure, just hope both teams get the chance to meet in the playoffs but they both got a lot of football to play to get there. If it did happen I just hope both teams are healthy