District 10 Champs?

Discipline starts at home. Too many parents depend on the school and teachers to be their disciplinarian,so they don't have to deal with it.


Ill say this that in this case punishment does not fit the crime i firmly believe in punishing kids when they have done wrong and anyone that knows me knows that with that being said this young man did not do anything that a normal teenage boy did or would have done i will not go in to details as it is not may place to do so but in my day we would have gotten 3 licks and sent on our way for this. I will add that i coached this young man a couple years ago in summer league baseball and had no issue what so ever with him. Evertime i talk with him he always shakes my hand and says yes sir and no sir. He had a lapse in judgement as im sure we are all guilty of at some point in our lives

Johnny South

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Oilman, you are absolutely right about the punishment not fitting the crime in many school situations. There are too many administrators (disciplinarians) who have no clue on how to discipline kids. I have personally witnessed it time and again.